Top Current Comic Sales on eBay

by Norman Robinson III

723022_0ebc8a047bb0aaeb0a2ddded8828abe5cb9755d0-195x300 Top Current Comic Sales on eBay

Despicable Deadpool #287

The issue Despicable Deadpool #287 (Espin Lenticular Variant Leg) has had 56 sales over the last six months on eBay. It is ranked third among all recent graded sales of comics (eBay). This comic is part 1 Deadpool Kills Cable. Deadpool reverts to insidious mercenary behavior. He has given up being a superhero and instead goes back to everyday villainy. Is Cable on his hit list?

The return on this evil Deadpool has been consistent. The grade of (9.8) has returned 14.8% over six months. A category of near mint plus (9.6) has done even better with a 64.1% return. The lenticular cover is iconic. The price for a CGC copy has been around $55 range.  Will this pace of sales last, this is a real unknown? A raw copy has not increased that much over the original cover price; this could be a concern. It may be, that the lenticular cover has drawn a lot of interest hence slabbed copies increase. Be that as it may the recent Deadpool 2 trailer, and the subsequent movie should give us a boost from here. Aim with your sniper rifle and pick this one off.

Teen Titans #12

Join the resistance with Teen Titans as they help to free Gotham from the grip of magic, malice and metal madness. Teen Titans #12 (2017) has the witty writing of Ben Percy with the art of Mirka Andolfo. This dynamic duo has created part one of the best resistance stories in comics currently.

The resistance with “Robin has assembled an unlikely team of hometown heroes including Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Black Canary” and the stalwart Green Arrow (GoCollect). This team of quixotic heroes must band together and find Nightwing. The freedom of Gotham hangs in the balance.

This book has reached 2nd highest for recent graded sales of comics (eBay). It has moved up six to the third rank and probably will go all the way to number one. If you had purchased this comic raw in September 2017 for $3.99 and had a near mint grade (9.4); that comic would now be worth $59.60 on average. This represents a 17 times multiple on your original investment of $3.99. Furthermore, in the last three months, near mint plus (9.8) has risen 44.4%, what a shockingly good return.

Teen Titans #12 has had a spike in purchases over the last three months of 44 books, compared to a total of 49 books over the previous six months. This means most of the sales have been recent and the price as stated in raw comics supports this. Find your way through Ridler’s maze of possible speculation books to buy and pick up a copy of Teen Titans #12.

Dark Nights: Batman Who Laughs #1

Dark Nights: Batman Who Laughs #1 has achieved a creepy following and massive sales for the past five months. BWL #1 is the highest for recent graded sales of comics (eBay). It is currently ranked number one. The majority of 70 sales have been in the past three months, showing a significant uptick in popularity. Which just edged out Teen Titans #12 with a first-place finish.

Batman Who Laughs #1 is an unsettling book to read. The familiar heroes turn into creepy Halloween helions. Not my style, I draw the line at anti-heroes. That being said, it could be building an exciting storyline and showdown. One hopes that is the case, and it is not just some weak exploitive attempt to turn everything into the Joker.

The return on this investment has been problematic at best. Though number one in sales; it has leveled off, and the mint-near mint (9.8) has seen a 14.7% decline in price. Furthermore, the only price growth is a (9.0) which has seen a paltry 4% on two sales. In the final analysis, of the top three recent comic sales on eBay; the speculator and investor should both look to Teen Titans #12. The storyline is the smartest. The returns are the strongest of the three and sales only missed number one by a handful of purchases. Bet on the Teen Titans it will pay off in the future.

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