Top Cow Announces CBLDF “Berserker” Limited Signed Variant

by Jeff

apr090406d Top Cow Announces CBLDF "Berserker" Limited Signed VariantMedia Release — Top Cow Productions, Inc. proudly announced today that a limited signed variant cover of Berserker #1 will be included in a Retailer Support Pack for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The Support Pack will be an incentive for retailers who become members of the CBLDF. The publisher is proud to help support the CBLDF, which has fought censorship and protected the First Amendment rights of creators, publishers, and retailers in the comic book industry.

“Top Cow has long supported the mission of the CBLDF and we are thrilled to be able to help the fund in such a direct way,” said Top Cow Publisher, Filip Sablik. “And what better way than by including a title like Berserker, which is definitely going to push the envelope on violence in comics.”

APR090407D Top Cow Announces CBLDF "Berserker" Limited Signed VariantBerserker #1 is the first full-length comic book to be published by Top Cow Productions, Inc. in conjunction with DiVide Pictures, the production company co-owned by Heroes star, Milo Ventimiglia and producer Russ Cundiff. The Berserker #1 limited variant produced for the Retailer Support Pack will be signed by Ventimiglia as well as the creative team of writer Rick Loverd (Friday Night Lights) and artist Jeremy Haun (Chuck, Leading Man) and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The brutal new series offers a blend of Norse mythology with a story of contemporary Americans coming to grip with the animalistic and uncontrollable rage living inside them. Before the formation of the CBLDF in 1986, comics with content similar to Berserker #1 would have been targeted for censorship by various organizations and lobby groups. Despite the neutralizing of the Comics Code, the CBLDF has become more valuable and instrumental in protecting individual creators, publishers, and retailers through First Amendment related lawsuits. The CBLDF is also responsible for organizing fundraisers to aid in financing legal fees that could otherwise debilitate such individuals and small businesses from doing business.

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