Top Comics: The Damned and The Dark Knight

by Norman Robinson III

734017_batman-damned-1-variant-cover-226x300 Top Comics: The Damned and The Dark KnightWho killed the Joker? Batman suffers amnesia and doesn’t remember what happened. Was it him or something more sinister? Perhaps love killed the joker, has anyone seen Harlequin lately? Batman: Damned #1 is obviously a well-received comic by Brian Azzarello and is getting a great deal of attention. Enough so that it is the top comic for January for all recent comics published. Along with this mysterious detective story is a reprint and homage to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 (Foil Edition). Holy-Bat-Guano it is popular! So many fans are picking this one up it has risen to top three among the recent comic books. Also holding the top three is Batman: Damned #1 (Variant Cover) the cover art is by the astounding Jim Lee. Jim appears to just get better with age, and he is already an outstanding artist.

Recent comics are profitable but the timing is entirely different then say a Bronze Age book. Over time a many of these books drop in value. I am thinking of Totally Awesome Hulk #22, or say Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 both great books; both down substantially from three to six months ago. Currently, Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 has dropped 65 places to #91 most popular recent comic. Once it was the darling in everyone’s collection, a profit rocket. Within a few months CGR #1, was replaced by something new, and the “rocket” made a gentle re-entry back to earth. Recent comics need a quick turn around: buy, read, hold a month or two and sell at the apex. That is usually within the first three to four months of the comic book hitting the racks.

Timing is everything and most especially in this fast-paced digital world. The covers today are pure eye candy. Like Batman: Damned #1 (Variant Cover) which has captured second place as the most popular recent comic last month. It is very comparable to the standard edition even the price is only $120 FMV for mint (9.8). But with a return of negative -14%; I would not attempt this book now.

738458_5e87475b9dfcadb28bb50db0c06b676a40fb1882-196x300 Top Comics: The Damned and The Dark KnightBatman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 (Foil Edition)

The Dark Knight took the entire comic book world by storm back in the 80s. Now many years later it is no surprise, homage covers with entire reprints are created. This particular comic is called a Foil Edition and is already expensive in the mint condition range (9.8).

Frank Miller did a titanic rewrite of the entire concept of Batman. He made him older, weaker, yet more determined than ever. Back then before Bane ever appeared that was one of the first times I had ever seen Batman humbled by a thug. He takes on the mutant leader and almost dies. Who saves him? You guessed it the Boy-Wonder. Except it is actually the Girl-Wonder the first woman to play Robin, ever. It was a great story and still stands today as probably one of the best Batman sagas.

The Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 (Foil Edition) has gone up in value to $75 for CGC (9.8) with 26 sales of slabbed books over the last 3 months (GoCollect). Unfortunately, this book may have already seen its peak as the last sale of mint condition (9.8) was actually only $45 showing a negative -16.8% drop in price average. Is this the beginning of a downward trend? If you read my first two paragraphs then the answer is “yes” sell now.


737580_batman-damned-1-234x300 Top Comics: The Damned and The Dark KnightBatman: Damned #1

This book has stayed in the top rank since the beginning of January and had an impressive start. The Batman: Damned #1 originally had a cover price of $6.99 back on September 19, 2018. Nowadays, it is pushing $120 for a mint condition (9.8) with a current $100 FMV. Many grades are pushing up which is a great sign, with (9.6) at $85 FMV, (9.4) at $70 FMV, and (9.2) at $60 FMV.

The total sales of slabbed copies have been substantial with over 300 sales online since it was published. Two notable grades that have sustained positive returns are (9.6) at positive +8.3% and (9.4) at positive +24.5%. It should be noted these grades are skewed by a significant of high-end mint plus grades already on the market. The current amount gem grades (10.0) is 60 sales and (9.9) grade has had 89 sales. Holy-Bat-Guacamole Batman! Look out for these elevated prices and higher grades. If you own a copy, hold, or sell. This thing could go further if they make another movie. I would not suggest jumping in now unless you can get a great deal; it is one thing to buy Damned #1 it is quite another being damned by a poorly timed purchase.


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