Top 5 PlayStation 4 Games Making Moves

by Ariel Lazo

051421B_3-300x157 Top 5 PlayStation 4 Games Making MovesWe all have games lying around the house just collecting dust. Ever thought about selling them to make some spare cash or to buy another game? Well, I have a list of the top 5 PlayStation 4 games that are climbing the charts in value. Want to see what games are making the climb? Keep reading to find out!

God of War III Remasteredmaxresdefault5-300x169 Top 5 PlayStation 4 Games Making Moves

I have been a fan of Kratos since day one. You are a Spartan warrior tasked to take down Zeus with the help of Athena and Pandora’s Box. What’s not to love? But to be honest, there is only a slight difference in the remastered game versus the regular game. The difference is the graphics and a new photo mode, but honestly, how many gamers really use the photo mode? Either way, this is a game to own and play.

Even though the regular game is cheaper, this game in the complete edition has been climbing up the charts. Recently, this game has increased 102% in value bringing it from $5.03 to $10.16. Remember, this game really isn’t that old at all and might continue to climb given more time.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalystmirrors-edge-catalyst-300x169 Top 5 PlayStation 4 Games Making Moves

This game is a reboot of the original game created by the same publisher, Electronic Arts, in 2008. It takes place in a dystopian society that has everyone connected to a grid. People called Runners defy the norm and live on rooftops while planning to overthrow the government. I haven’t played the game yet, and with the reviews being so-so, not sure if I will play. Critics have mixed feelings, with most of them praising the visuals and graphics while hating the storyline and combat system.

Currently, this game has seen a 96.9% increase in value bringing it up to $8.17 from $4.15. Honestly, I doubt this game will ever soar but since not many might have the game, I say it’s best to hold if you do.

Just Dance 2015just-dance-2015-b-min-300x158 Top 5 PlayStation 4 Games Making Moves

With people staying home, it’s not a surprise to see this game on the list. When you can’t go to the club to dance, you bring the club home! This game is laced with amazing tracks featuring the top artists like Lady Gaga, Iggy Azalea, Bruno Mars, and Gloria Gaynor, yes, THE Gloria Gaynor. You get a little bit of everything for everyone, which makes it a great game for friends and family.

This game once sold for $4.45 but now it goes for $8.71, a 95.7% increase. This game is a classic and in time I can see this game slowly creeping up. Remember, people didn’t think much of their old games and now they are worth hundreds. Will this game be next down the line?

Attack on Titanimages-1-300x140 Top 5 PlayStation 4 Games Making Moves

This game was released in 2016 and was based on the Japanese manga series by the same name. It involves a military group who tries to take down these beasts called Titans. Five years after the first attack, these Titans reappear trying to destroy as much as they can. I haven’t played this game, but it reminds me of the movie Pacific Rim with the Kaiju attacking cities.

This game did receive mixed reviews, but most of the critics favored this game. It even beat out Street Fighter V during opening week. Attack on Titan has increased by 94.8%, bringing its value from $11.69 to $22.77.

Last but not least…

For Honor81R37BdgFpL._AC_SL1500_-212x300 Top 5 PlayStation 4 Games Making Moves

An amazing game published by Ubisoft which allows you to play as historical forms of soldiers and warriors. It involves a warlord named Apollyon who recruits only the fiercest warriors to her legion. Under her command, you end up fighting various battles among various warriors spanning the world. From what I can see, this game has great graphics and an awesome storyline. I would love to see the gameplay firsthand to compare the combat system to other games.

It was received decently, winning accolades in 2016 and 2017 for the best fighting game. I am a historian, so I LOVE the historical aspect behind this game and it looks great. It has even sold over 700,000 digital copies worldwide. Recently, For Honor has increased 81.9%, bringing it up from $4.81 to $8.75. I think games like this might be worth something down the line, so if you own a copy, hold on to it. I think in time it will absolutely rise up in value.

Final Credits

I know these games aren’t big moneymakers, but that list will soon be out. Till then, these games have started to show promise of life by increasing their values and showing movement in the market. The values shown here are for complete games. New games will have a higher value, while loose ones will only decrease in value. Also, in case you didn’t know, you can get these games graded, just like the comic books. If you have other games in which you want to know the value, GoCollect has a great site that is easy to use. Just click HERE to take a look for yourself and see what treasures you have at home.

Have you played any of these games? What are your thoughts? Personally, I love God of War the most, but then again, I own every God of War game so I’m a little biased there. Which games have you own or have played? Leave your answer and comments below so that we can chat about these amazing games.

Till Next Time, Happy Grinding!

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