Top 5 Movers and Losers of the Bronze Age

by Ariel Lazo

126188_ac4627e68efc1dde264b3bf97c0b4fdcc86f485a-195x300 Top 5 Movers and Losers of the Bronze AgeAs this year ends, its time for us to look back at some of our investments and see how they have worked out for the year. The amazing staff at GoCollect has compiled a list showing the Top 5 Movers and Losers of the Bronze age for 2019 starting from January and ending in November. Since many of us aren’t rich or famous, GoCollect used a fair average grade point of 6.0 (we thank you!).

As you will notice, these movers were affected by media in one form or another. This is a HUGE thing. Why? Because this shows that we, as a community, have a voice in what we see in the future and how it affects our comics. Keep on reading to see what I mean exactly…

Let’s start with the Top 5 Movers:

123879_9a11e327f0a7841bfe3f1631047331e451073506-202x300 Top 5 Movers and Losers of the Bronze Age5. Swamp Thing #1 (First Issue of the Serries and Origin of Swamp Thing)

In January the FMV was $59 but by November it rose $99 to an FMV of $158. Reason? The Swamp Thing live-action TV Show. If you haven’t seen it, you are missing out. Great show that finally gave our Swamp Thing a home, but due to creative differences, it was canceled. This book might fall in price down the line but not by much, it still is a great key that people still will always want.


127004_06391038e91a7a062a4e6dc0371b0305b09eaff5-195x300 Top 5 Movers and Losers of the Bronze Age

4. Werewolf By Night #32 (First Appearance and Origin of Moon Knight)

This book saw a gain of $130 going from $628 in January to $758 in November. Why? Because this character answers, what would happen if the Dark Knight lost it and had a multiple personality disorder. Marc Spector a.k.a. Moon Knight will be hitting the Disney Plus streaming service soon, after talks of him being in Blade were dismissed. This book saw a nice spike at the end of August when leaks of his own show on the streaming service surfaced. It sounds like they listened to the fans and gave our whacked-out version of Batman a shot.


123753_bd848746048e47448fd975166e29d01a61e87964-196x300 Top 5 Movers and Losers of the Bronze Age3. Marvel Spotlight #5 (First Appearance and Origin of Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider)

Ok, so I won’t bring up the Ghost Rider movies (even though I actually liked the first one) because it was not received very well. But no matter what, we do love Johnny Blaze. This book was had an FMV in January of $494 and rose to $625 in November. It started to heat up when we heard talks were in the works for a Ghost Rider movie or TV show. Once that started to hit mainstream media, demand for the book jumped! Unfortunately, nothing has come about from the leaks and who knows if we will ever see another Ghost Rider on the screen. Still doesn’t take away from the importance of this key book.


124683_80354fcf19fc24010fb397765ac96bd2b05bd53f-199x300 Top 5 Movers and Losers of the Bronze Age

2. Tomb of Dracula #10 (First Appearance of Blade)

For years fans have been wanting to see Blade The Vampire Killer on the big screen again. During San Diego Comic-Con it was announced that we will finally see Blade once again on screen, hence the jump in FMV from $325 in January to $685 in November for a total gain of $360. Jump on this key as soon as you can because it will only continue to grow.



126188_ac4627e68efc1dde264b3bf97c0b4fdcc86f485a-195x300 Top 5 Movers and Losers of the Bronze Age1.  Giant-Size X-Men #1 (First Appearance of the New X-Men)

Do I really need to explain this book? First appearance of Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler, and Thunderbird, plus the first time the team that we have all loved from the ’90s come together! This key has continued to grow throughout the years, not just this year. But the spike this year can be attributed to the buyout from Disney of Fox, thus acquiring X-Men, Deadpool and Fantastic Four. It only rose $580 this year going from $823 to $1,403 but with the exciting future in store for these mutants, the sky’s the limit. Imagine seeing the Avengers with the X-men, see what I mean now?



Now for the Top 5 Losers:


124789_28becdb51289f364a94df00fcc9d3449dff9880c-201x300 Top 5 Movers and Losers of the Bronze Age

5. Batman #251 (Classic Neal Adams Joker Cover)

This classic Joker cover saw a rise with the Joker movie, but it still dropped in the long run by only $26, going from $310 to $284. This key only went down because people started to focus on other Joker keys, but with age bearing down on this book it should not drop further.


124247_8699fd6166ea7d9a42eccf60157856b08fb48433-199x300 Top 5 Movers and Losers of the Bronze Age4. Iron Man #55 (First Appearance of Thanos)

After watching¬†Infinity War everyone jumped on the Thanos bandwagon, but seeing Endgame made me hate him. This book dropped from $550 to $515 for a total loss of $35. Now that Infinity Gauntlet Saga is done, so is the demand for Thanos. If you haven’t noticed yet, many of these keys reflect what is trending in media and in the movies. Eyes are now searching for who the new baddie of the MCU will be and what keys are associated with them.


123597_4c13debbe36af35699dd52cb3addf04412cb87e6-199x300 Top 5 Movers and Losers of the Bronze Age

3. Hero for Hire #1 (First Appearance and Origin of Luke Cage)

Although many loved the Luke Cage Netflix show, all Marvel-related shows have been canceled in order to pull them back into the MCU. Cancellations will always affect their comic counterparts but with keys like this not by much. With only a $44 loss, going from $220 to $176 this key is still worth getting, especially now that it is on a decline. Since I doubt it will be the last we see of Cage, I suggest jumping on this now before it spikes again.



128772_976dbd3a93a4f593584fbf8a5089590924505dda-195x300 Top 5 Movers and Losers of the Bronze Age2. Ms. Marvel #1 (First Appearance of Ms. Marvel)

Ms. Marvel a.k.a. Carol Danvers a.k.a Captain Marvel rose when news broke about the possible movie, but after the movie, well… you know. I thought it was a good movie but I feel like one of very, very, very, few that feel that way. We can see that with the slight drop of $47, dropping this key from $103 to a mere $56. With the MCU going a more cosmic route, I can see this book going back up in value. Jump on it now while it’s still affordable.


126054_5fb2044b1fb9495fac66f7c0122bd2c8c9afdf27-201x300 Top 5 Movers and Losers of the Bronze Age

1. Incredible Hulk #181 (Controversial First Appearance of Wolverine)

What? This book dropped in price? How? Sorry for the rant but who doesn’t love them some Wolverine? Dropping from $2,469 to $2,382, it saw a loss of $87. According to Hickman’s House of X preview, #180 is the first appearance, but fans are still up in arms debating this. Regardless this book is not a cheap book which is probably why people have steered away slightly. Wolverine is said to be getting his own comic series soon and once the X-Men hit the main screen again this book will see a HUGE rise. Don’t sell this book short just yet!

There you go, the Top 5 Movers and Losers of 2019. As noted, leaks and media have a massive effect on key comics like the ones above. Although comics do drop in value, the market depends on our love for the characters.


Check out our YouTube Video Recapping the Top 5 Movers & Losers

Screen-Shot-2019-12-17-at-1.22.17-PM-300x169 Top 5 Movers and Losers of the Bronze Age

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