Top 10 Comics for January 2020

by Ariel Lazo

764953_e10c2e1deaf867212c9f50d1aa92693f63e64c28-197x300 Top 10 Comics for January 2020New year, new month, new comics. But this decade started out with a bang already! As we all started out the new year running to grab comics, one book made history right under our noses! Want to know which book it was? Want to see which books made the Top 10 List? Keep reading to find out!




Top 10 Comics sold in January 2020


765073_159ff8b48185292b6fecb7b15fe9d79eb0a01181-196x300 Top 10 Comics for January 2020 10. Star #1

(56,520 Copies Sold) Ripley Ryan aka Star aka the woman who almost killed the entire population of NYC. This new character is born from the “Falling Star” arc of Captain Marvel, specifically issue #8 when it becomes, Star. Although she is new and still trying to make her own way, I doubt we will see much of her in the future. What do you think? Anyone a fan of Star?





9. Amazing Spider-Man #37

(57,520 Copies Sold) Finishing up from the Doom story arc, Spidey is back saving the city, this time with a device that helps power the Clairvoyant. But with the Kindred resurrecting a past foe what will Spider-man do? This issue brings us back to what it should feel like to read a Spider-Man comic. We get to see Peter’s life in and out of the mask. Spencer’s writing feels like it is bringing it back to a cohesive Spider-Man story.





8. Amazing Spider-Man #38image-14-281x300 Top 10 Comics for January 2020

(57,726 Copies Sold) Chance is back with a Tony Stark inspired Casino and Spidey is robbing criminal banks for stolen SHIELD Tech. This is the start of a new arc but where will it take us and will the ride be worth the trip? I do love how this touches upon the “click-bait” society we all live in and how the media manipulates stories. This is shown when Jonah is with Noah in the TnM newsroom. Reporters “re-purpose” old stories to entice readers, once they click, they are hooked. We even get a Bucky cameo when he gets upset due to one of these stories.





7. Batman #86

(61,739 Copies Sold) With Tom King stepping down, James Tynion IV is back as the writer for our Dark Knight. Bane is gone and Deathstroke is back. Gotham has never had a good day so why start now. With Alfred gone, Batman tries to fight a war on two fronts to create a new Gotham with the help of Selina and Lucius. Unfortunately, there is a panel where Batman calls for Alfred, forgetting that he passed, only to hear Lucius’s voice. Sad moment but a powerful one showing Batman is still coping.





764453_7a28d86924114868944b7b6a3e3df445a8edaa0e-198x300 Top 10 Comics for January 20206. Guardians of the Galaxy #1

(66,881 Copies Sold) This merry band of intergalactic misfits are back saving the galaxy as always. Now with the Gods of Olympus returning bringing destruction and war, the Guardians are needed more than ever. Al Ewing has been doing a great job with Immortal Hulk, but unless you already are a fan of GoTG I doubt this issue will draw you in.






5. X-Men #5

(80,443 Copies Sold) Here we travel with Hickman and the X-Men over to Ecuador to capture Serafina, a member of the Children of the Vault. I’ll say it over and over again, Hickman has brought new life into the X-Men and this series is one to collect! So far the entire run has met with great reviews and many of their issues are holding their values. In time I think this run will only increase in value.





771631_49646f85b8788644a74bb85bb293889af90480ff-198x300 Top 10 Comics for January 20204. X-Men #4

(93,342 Copies Sold) As I stated above, Hickman is the man! If you loved the HOX/POX style of writing, you will find it again here! This issue was simply awesome! For those who have read it, tell me you didn’t love the sit down with the Mutant higher-ups and Humans! If you haven’t, well hurry up and get to this part! Although the first 2 or 3 issues lacked that spark found in HOX/POX, it gets reignited with #4 and #5!






3. Star Wars #1

(97,053 Copies Sold) Taking place after The Empire Strikes Back, Han is frozen and Luke has learned that Darth Vader is his father! Wait. Hold on… Didn’t we already know this from the movies? Yes, many of the movie plot points are being used but here we dive deeper into other missions and enemies encountered by our freedom fighters before Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Star Wars is one of those titles that will always have a following. As for investment purposes, I think the older runs are where the money is at.





2. Thor #1778527_thor-1-198x300 Top 10 Comics for January 2020

(158,872 Copies Sold) Donny Cates is back at it again! I won’t give away what happens down the road but here we have the Back Winter coming. Thor, the new “King” of Asgard, will have to defend the kingdoms against this new foe. Let’s just say we get to see Galactus and Beta Ray Bill! Don’t know about future value but the story itself is FIRE!






I saved the best for last. The record-breaking book of January 2020 is……..



b1578081954582wonder_wwoman_7502020-195x300 Top 10 Comics for January 2020



1. Wonder Woman #750

(167,377 Copies Sold) FIRST WONDER WOMAN ISSUE TO EVER LEAD THE CHARTS! This issue beat out every other comic for the month, for the first time ever! The arc “Year of the Villain” comes to a close and many past artists and writers come together to celebrate Diana Prince. With names like Scott Snyder, Greg Rucka, and Gail Simone attached, we can expect some good stories and artwork depicting Wonder Woman’s past, present, and future.


Bottom Line

Unfortunately, since these books just came out in January, we do not have an FMV for many of these. But if you want my opinion: X-Men and Thor are where a lot of the attention is being focused. I can see these story arcs making it to the MCU down the line. The others are great books but excluding Wonder Woman #750 and the two I named beforehand, the rest won’t see much of a rise, if any at all. Now, many of the variant covers from the above 10 do have promise, of course depending on the artist. For example, I am LOVING the variant cover for Batman #86 by Francesco Mattina (That’s the first cover image on top in case you wanted to see). Not a huge fan of the current run, even though I LOVE Batman, but the cover is amazing!


How many of your books made it to the list? How many of these will you hunt for?


Till Next Time…Happy Hunting!

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