Tombstone will be your Huckleberry

by Michael Vlachakis

142552_decc1ae6feae4e1aa66dfae6b3cc2b9461d108c0-193x300 Tombstone will be your Huckleberry

Spidey comics are a sticky web to weave through on the marketplace.  Anything that features the web crawler seems to be at a premium for buyers.  Some collectors focus specifically on Spider-Man and his collectibles empire from comics to toys and everything in-between (Shout out to Aaron!).  As a person who focuses on first appearance books, it can be even harder since I don’t have gobs of money to throw at the Silver Age classics or other expensive keys.  How is a collector to find value in this mess?  What do you do?  I recommend just looking outside of those pricey Amazing Spider-Man (ASM) titles.

There has been a solid run of sales for off-ASM books.  Titles from the Spectacular Spider-Man and Web of Spider-Man series are seeing new traction as prices trend up and older ASM titles price themselves out of the market for many collectors.  Web of Spider-Man #36 is one of the titles I have been watching closely recently.  Although, this book has been scarce on the marketplace over the past few years, there has been a recent influx of copies that have hit the market.  Web of Spider-Man #36 has the first appearance of Tombstone (Lonnie Lincoln) and data shows a current Fair Market Value (FMV) of $325.  Real-time data has shown a different market value as 9.8 graded copies have sold in the $380-$450 range.  This book is fairly rare with only 135 graded copies total on the census, and even better there are only 20 9.8 grades…which is the highest grade for this book.  As an aside, I understand that 9.9 and 10.0 graded books exist sometimes…however, they are so rare and priced so ridiculously high on the market that I most often see 9.8 as the highest collectible grade for the common collector.

I am under the impression that Tombstone is poised to be the villain in a future Spider-Man Marvel Cinematic Universe offering.  Spider-Man: Homecoming offered small glimpses at future characters including the Scorpion and Prowler (whom I feel Donald Glover will eventually become, mirroring his Ultimate Marvel namesake) and I am certain a villain like Tombstone can be the strong, diverse, and complex type of character Marvel is looking for.  All that can be great for value over time.

With the recent cancellation of Netflix shows like Iron Fist and Luke Cage and the upcoming speculation about Avengers 4, it seems like Marvel is trying to make their universe bigger (and more profitable) instead of looking at a more simple style of stories set in New York.  Ant Man and the Wasp was one of those movies that seemed to be focused on a theme and character rather than seeing how many heroes can battle how many bad guys or each other on screen at once.  Hopefully, Marvel will continue this ideal after taking Spider-Man on a little vacation outside the US in the upcoming Far From Home.  Either way, villains are the new hot speculation.  If Web of Spider-Man #36 is not your book, as I continue to say, go overpay for a Hydroman!

Who is your choice to be the next baddie in a Spider-Man movie?  Are you a prominent collector of non ASM titles?  Do you miss Andrew Garfield? Drop us your comments and let us know!

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