Tom Brevoort’s TAKE MY TRADE Takes A Dramatic Turn

by Jeff

TakeMyTrade_Certificate Tom Brevoort's TAKE MY TRADE Takes A Dramatic TurnMedia Release — Because Tom Brevoort Demanded It! The instant classic Take My Trade, featured on Blah Blah Blog at Marvel.Com, hits a milestone as Marvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort (voted “Favorite Editor” by Wizard Magazine) trades for a copy of Fantastic Four #1 with Marvel fan Olliver Kirby. But there’s something special about this coveted copy of FF—does it spell the end for Take My Trade or is there a surprise around the corner? Featuring special guest appearances by Marvel Editors Steve Wacker, Jeanine Schaefer and Tom Brennan, check out an exclusive video of this trade at

After the experience, Kirby said, “I first heard about the Take My Trade through a friend. I figured that trading with Tom was the right thing to do, because I wanted to help him achieve his goal of trading to a Fantastic Four #1 instead of having my family eventually sell the comic. Being able to see the Marvel office was a dream come true and meeting Tom was even cooler. He is the best in the whole industry, the man behind some of the best comic books ever printed such as Civil War. I’m officially the envy of all my friends!”

Do you want to be part of comic book history, True Believer? Click over to Marvel.Com and keep up with Tom Brevoort’s Take My Trade, as comic fans from all over the world come together to procure one of comics’ true treasures—Fantastic Four #1—for a charitable cause with the Hero Initiative (! But has Tom finally completed his noble quest? Has he signed the final Certificate of Meaninglessness? Find out now at Marvel.Com

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