Todd McFarlane Directs: Revisiting Spawn #1

by Norman Robinson III

692364_spawn-1-195x300 Todd McFarlane Directs: Revisiting Spawn #1Oh, what a difference a McFarlane directorial debut makes. This seems to be what Todd McFarlane is after to have complete control as a creator. He did it at Marvel, and at Image. Is Hollywood next? There are many great artists but every once in a “Blue Moon” one comes along that can run a business, change the very makeup of an iconic character and create an entire publishing company that stands the test of time. Todd McFarlane is definitely a game-changer.

Spawn speculators should have been buying up keys for the last several years. I certainly have, and in late 2018 and early 2019, they really went in the tank. There was the talk of no movie. McFarlane threatened to walk away from the movie project; he would quit unless the “money people could come to an agreement.” Now that project has turned the corner and Todd McFarlane is going to direct, I think we can safely assume this movie will be unique if nothing else. Eventually, we will see some kind of a trailer, but with McFarlane confirmed as director; it appears we will see Spawn in action on the big screen again. Further, they have hired the talented Jamie Fox for Spawn’s role. I am sure with these two creative pushy geniuses that sparks will fly on set, with unknown consequences. Furthermore, the positive impact on this issue can’t be denied. How has this latest news regarding a Spawn movie improved the return for Spawn #1?

Spawn #1

2019.09.14-02.02-boundingintocomics-5d7cf2e127baa-300x160 Todd McFarlane Directs: Revisiting Spawn #1Short-Term (2-years):

  • Grade 9.9 $900 Last Sale returns negative -39.1%
  • Grade 9.8 $110 FMV returns negative -14.2%
  • Grade 9.6 $60 FMV returns negative -7.6%
  • Grade 9.0 $38 FMV returns negative -39.5%
  • Grade 8.0 $28 FMV returns positive +47.4%

You have got to be hating life as a speculator if you purchased grade 9.9 in Spawn #1 a few years ago and watched the value decline -39.1%. This has book has yet to return to its former glory several years back. Up until two months ago, Spawn #1 was in the equivalent of an iron chair of torture squeezing out the lifeblood of speculators, profit. It was losing up to -39%. Hell on Earth!


692364_spawn-1-195x300 Todd McFarlane Directs: Revisiting Spawn #1Short-Term (2- months):

  • Grade 9.9 $900 Last Sale returns N/A
  • Grade 9.8 $110 FMV returns negative -4.3%
  • Grade 9.6 $60 FMV returns positive +3.2%
  • Grade 9.4 $50 FMV returns positive +10.7%
  • Grade 9.2 $38 FMV returns positive +26.7%
  • Grade 8.0 $28 FMV returns positive +20% (est.)

It is apparently official McFarlane to direct his own Spawn movie. For the last two months, we have seen a surge in pricing quietly, with little fanfare. Spawn finally gets some positive news, and the speculators are slithering out of the gates of Hell to obtain cheap copies of this 1990’s classic comic. You can tell by the return for Spawn #1 over the last two months that it is on the move. This book is just ramping up again, if you were asleep at the switch as a speculator it is not too late. Keep the grade high as possible because there are a lot of these books out there. Will the move send us to the “pearly gates” of profit or straight to Hell with Malebolgia?

Spawn #227

679312_ae114fcf825a362cd8eaf059eab715ef719bdafe-195x300 Todd McFarlane Directs: Revisiting Spawn #1Conclusion:

Another potential speculation is Spawn #227 an homage cover. Spawn looks better in this pose then Spidey. These books are more expensive than the first appearance, with Spawn #227 topping out at grade 9.8 at $190 FMV a full $80 above Spawn #1. The last year has seen a +16% rise in value for Spawn #227, the Spawn issues later in the series are coveted by collectors as they may have had limited print runs. One thing is for certain with Todd McFarlane at the helm it will be spectacular whether good or bad only time will tell, hold onto your Spawn’s.





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