Todd McFarlane And Robert Kirkman’s ‘Haunt’ Is Coming

by Jeff

aug090285 Todd McFarlane And Robert Kirkman's 'Haunt' Is ComingMedia Release — The wait is finally over! Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman’s newest comic book, Haunt, will hit shelves this October. The long awaited, ongoing series promises to deliver thrilling storylines and captivating art.

The title centers on a pair of brothers, Kurt and Daniel Kilgore, who couldn’t care less for one another. Kurt, a secret agent, and Daniel, a less than holy priest, bond in a way neither of them expects after Kurt’s untimely death. A surprise fusing of Kurt’s ghost with Daniel’s body creates a chain reaction, turning the brothers into the character, Haunt.

The new ongoing series features an all-star creative cast consisting of writer, Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible), layout artist, Greg Capullo (Spawn, The Creech), penciller, Ryan Ottley (Invincible), inker, Todd McFarlane (Spawn), colorist Fco Plascencia (Invincible) and letterer, Richard Starkings (Elephantmen).

The debut issue’s original cover, created by Todd McFarlane, will also be available in black and white (1:100 variant). Other issue #1 covers include a Ryan Ottley cover (1:10 variant) and a Greg Capullo cover (1:25 variant). Capullo’s cover will also be available in black and white (1:50 variant). Check out the available covers with their corresponding Diamond order number shown below:

* HAUNT #1 McFarlane cover (AUG090285)
* HAUNT #1 Ottley cover 1:10 (AUG090286)
* HAUNT #1 Capullo cover 1:25 (AUG090287)
* HAUNT #1 Capullo B/W cover 1:50 (AUG090288)
* HAUNT #1 McFarlane B/W cover 1:100 (AUG090289)

The co-creators could not be more excited to bring this property to the masses. “Haunt is one of my proudest achievements in comics,” said co-creator, Robert Kirkman. “Creating an entirely new series with Todd McFarlane has been a personal dream come true. Being able to crawl inside Todd’s brain and create these characters with him has been amazing… and the result, I believe, is going to be the coolest creator-owned comic book to appear in this industry in a while.”

McFarlane added, “I’m very thankful to Robert for kicking me in the rear a few years ago, and challenging me to get a little more involved in creating new ideas. The Haunt is a result of that.”

Both co-creators agree that the creative team is among the best in the business. McFarlane says, “To be able to utilize the services of Greg Capullo and Ryan Ottley, we’re now using the talents of four of Image’s most prominent creators.” Said Kirkman, “Having Greg Capullo, long time McFarlane partner in crime, and Ryan Ottley, long time Kirkman partner in crime, along for the ride has elevated this book to heights I don’t think Todd and I could have achieved on our own. Greg’s story-telling ability is frankly unrivaled in comics and Ryan Ottley’s artistic abilities are second to none.

“This book is going to be pretty… and awesome… so I think it’s going to be pretty awesome.” We think so too, Robert.

Start Halloween season off right by reserving your copies from your local comic book shop today! You don’t want to miss out on this historic event.

For more Haunt news, don’t miss Comic Book Resources’ interview with artist Ryan Ottley or part one of Broken Frontier’s week-long interview with Todd McFarlane.

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