Today’s 28 Days of Comics–Brought to You by the Numbers 0 Through 9

by Jeff

28_0 Today's 28 Days of Comics–Brought to You by the Numbers 0 Through 9Hello and welcome to the first day of our huge 28 Days of Comics Sale! The entire month of February, will be discounting a new group of comics and graphic novels by 28% every single day. Starting it off today are titles that begin with numbers, followed tomorrow by the letter “A,” the letter “B” on the 3rd–all the way through the 27th, when we finish up with “Z.” Now you may wonder “What about the 28th?” Well . . . you’re just going to have to wait and see for that one.

This is a great opportunity to pick up individual issues or story arcs you may have missed, or explore those you’ve not yet had the chance to experience. Any way you look at it, there are some great deals to be had all month long. And here’s a special treat for our blog readers: all month long, if you enter the HUGME code during the checkout process, you’ll get free domestic shipping on all orders over $28 dollars that consist only of comics, graphic novels, or books. You can still buy some great toys, statues, and action figures of course–but put them in a separate order because the coupon will not work if you add anything besides comics, graphic novels, or books.

Each day Josh, Elisabeth, and myself will be reviewing a favorite title or group of titles from that day’s offerings. With the sheer volume of awesome titles available, that’s no mean feat. But we wanted to take the opportunity to share a little bit of our personal geek favorites with you. So without further ado:

100bullets Today's 28 Days of Comics–Brought to You by the Numbers 0 Through 9
100 Bullets remains to this day one of my favorite titles, and as any fellow fans know, it is coming to an end in March with its 100th issue–appropriately enough. This is a tale of intrigue, the machinations of power, and perhaps most importantly–revenge. And time and time again, just as you’re sure you’ve figured everything out, your suspicions are turned on their heads and a whole new layer to this tapestry of intrigue is unveiled, waiting to be unraveled.

Now this isn’t a title for the kiddies. It’s brutally violent and strongly rooted in the noir tradition. But it is also very intelligent, fast paced, and engaging. And you don’t have to take my word on that, as this has been testified to by the numerous Harvey and Eisner awards racked up by the title over its nearly 10-year run.

In short, any fan of crime/espionage thrillers, or the pulp house stylings of Tarantino or Raymond Chandler, would do well to give this series a shot. Pun intended. The cover for the first trade paperback is shown here, but we’ve got a ton of 100 Bullets adventure in our 28 Days of Comics sale. However, you have to buy today to take advantage of the 28% off we’re offering, so check it out today.

So what do you think? Are you secretly hoping for a visit from Agent Graves? Or is there another “number” title you think is the hit? Let us know.

Author : Andrew@TFAW

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