Today’s 28 Days of Comics – Brought to You by the Letter “W”

by Jeff

28_W Today's 28 Days of Comics - Brought to You by the Letter "W"Today’s 28 Days of Comics sale is wonderful! That’s right, we’ve finally gotten to letter “W,” which means awesome comics and graphic novels like The Walking Dead, Wolverine, and Witchblade are 28% off!

nov070240d Today's 28 Days of Comics - Brought to You by the Letter "W"I, of course, cannot let “W” day pass without mentioning the most important “W” title in my life: Wonder Woman! I admit that I was introduced to the character via the TV show, starring Lynda Carter, but it fostered a love of this character that still burns bright! I’ve weathered her early years, when it seemed like she was more interested in landing Steve Trevor than crimefighting, as well as her “plainclothes” period in Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, where she shucked her star-spangled costume in favor of a groovy life as a private investigator!

I’ve also eagerly devoured two reboots (one by Marv Wolfman and one by John Byrne), and even stuck around when Wondy was briefly replaced by Artemis, but I’ve fallen behind on my Wonder Woman reading lately, which is why I was happy to pick up the Who Is Wonder Woman? hardcover graphic novel.

So, who is Wonder Woman? In the beginning, she’s actually . . . Donna Troy, as Wonder Woman has disappeared, following Infinite Crisis. However, Donna soon runs into trouble, which brings about the appearance of . . . Diana Prince, secret agent! Yes, Diana is in plainclothes again (without the “mod” fashions of the ’60s, however), as she partners with Steve Trevor and tries to live as an ordinary human being.

Of course, Diana isn’t an ordinary human being, and her journey back into her classic WW costume is filled with twists, turns, and shout-outs to storylines past. Definitely a fascinating read, whether you’ve been following the adventures of Wonder Woman since you were four (ahem) or if you’re just delving into this storied character.

Make sure to return tomorrow for day “X” of our 28 Days of Comics sale! You won’t want to miss must-read titles like X-Force, X-Men, and Xena: Warrior Princess!

So, who spun around as a kid to see if they were secretly Wonder Woman? Who’s done it recently? Comment below!

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