Today’s 28 Days of Comics – Brought to You by the Letter “V”

by Jeff

vendettatp Today's 28 Days of Comics - Brought to You by the Letter "V"Today’s pickings are a bit slim, but there are some good ones in there too. Titles like V for Vendetta.

Fascism vs Anarchism. A dystopian future set in a post-nuclear war. Oppression, tyranny and an “everyman” who challenges the totalitarian government.

That’s what you’ll find in Alan Moore’s incomparable V for Vendetta. So much has been said about this book that I would just be repeating things smarter people have said before and open myself up for plagiarism.

What I do have to add is this: get this book. It’s a classic that deserves a place on your bookshelf. Plus, you should read it too.

Get on over to our 28 Days of Comics and find your own gems today.

We’ll see you back here tomorrow for the “W” titles! That means Wonder Woman, Walking Dead, and Wolverine and a whole lot more!

Are you planning to stock up on Vampire Hunter D today? Which of the 28 Days of Comics has been your favorite so far? Let us know below.

Author : Elisabeth@TFAW

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