Today’s 28 Days of Comics – Brought to You By the Letter “U”

by Jeff

14488 Today's 28 Days of Comics - Brought to You By the Letter "U"All that being said, today is a fantastic time to add Gerard Way’s Eisner Award-winning The Umbrella Academy to your collection. Whether you’re an existing fan of the series, an (as yet) uninitiated observer who’s been wondering what all the fuss is about, or a comic fan who’s heard nothing at all about this title (by the way, you live in a cave), this is a fantastic tale to sink your teeth into! I’ll be the first to confess that I initially approached this title with some skepticism. “Rock stars writing comics? Sheesh!” I thought to myself.

I was wrong.

And I’m happy to admit that mistake publicly, for The Umbrella Academy is not only a fantastic tale of dysfunctional heroes living in the shadow of their surrogate father’s expectations (say that seven times fast), it’s also a rip-roaring punch ’em in the face, slice ’em in the neck tale that grabs your interest with the first page and refuses to let you go. This story is deftly penned by Way but is equally indebted to the masterful work of Gabriel Bá, whose art brings this world to life.

You don’t need to like My Chemical Romance (writer Gerard Way’s band, for those of you not in the know). You don’t need to like music, for that matter, and I might even argue you don’t need to like comics (but you do, don’t you?) to dig this ride. The Umbrella Academy is one of those weird little jaunts that’s just too damn good not to like. Pick it up, and you won’t be sorry.

Come back tomorrow for “V,” when as one might expect, we’ll be featuring V for Vendetta, Vampire Hunter D, and other great “V” titles.

And those of you who have read The Umbrella Academy, back me up here! Share a few lines about your favorite part of the series and let your fellow fans know I’m not just the crazy comic guy who’s got a love jones for this title.

Author : Elisabeth@TFAW

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