Today’s 28 Days of Comics – Brought to You by the Letter “T”

by Jeff

nov080197d Today's 28 Days of Comics - Brought to You by the Letter "T"Of course, you can’t talk “T” titles without bringing DC Comics’ Titans into the mix. We have Titans, Terror Titans, and Teen Titans up for grabs today, but surprisingly, what I enjoyed most this week was Tiny Titans. If you’ve grown up on comics and now have kids (or know kids) who you want to share them with, Tiny Titans is a very enjoyable read for children that won’t turn your brains into mush.

This title is especially hilarious if you’re a fan of the Teen Titans, as Tiny Titans is sprinkled with little in-jokes throughout. For example, Deathstroke the Terminator makes a guest appearance – as the Titans’ substitute teacher. Terra shows up as a bad-tempered little girl who throws rocks at a smitten Beast Boy and is accused of being “two faced” by Wonder Girl and Raven. Also, Robin decides to debut his “new” persona – and costume – as Nightwing, only to be asked if he’s dressed to go disco dancing. It reads like a cross between a superhero comic, Peanuts, and Calvin and Hobbes, with maybe a little Muppet Babies thrown in, and the simple, colorful artwork is delightful.

So come back tomorrow for day “U”! Classic titles like Uncanny X-Men, The Umbrella Academy, and Marvel’s entire line of Ultimates comics and graphic novels will all be 28% off.

So are comics really for kids anymore? Anyone a Titans fan who can fill me in on what I’ve missed since – oh – 1985? Post below!

Author : Elisabeth@TFAW

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