Today’s 28 Days of Comics – Brought to You by the Letter “B”

by Jeff

28_B Today's 28 Days of Comics - Brought to You by the Letter "B"Today’s 28 Days of Comics sale is bodacious! That’s because all of our comics, trade paperbacks, and hardcovers from 2008 and earlier that start with the letter “B” are 28% off! Today only, you can save on awesome titles like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, B.P.R.D., countless Batman books, and much more.

15583 Today's 28 Days of Comics - Brought to You by the Letter "B"So in honor of the letter “B,” I’m going to blog about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I came to the TV show not because I was into the movie, but because- well- I loved Sarah Michelle Gellar when she was on All My Children as Kendall Hart. I mean, come on! As a teenager, she stood toe to toe with Susan Lucci, the queen of daytime! Ahem. That’s neither here nor there. But the show was phenomenal, and I followed the first five seasons breathlessly (still need to catch up on the final two . . . don’t hurt me!).

When I heard there was a comic-book adaptation, I didn’t really pay attention. I have seen some comic series “spin offs,” and frankly, a lot of them read like fan fiction. But when I realized there was going to be an official season 8 in comic-book form, fully approved and guided by Joss Whedon, I had to take a peek.

Buffy season 8 is one of’s most popular series, so many of you don’t need me to tell you to read it. But if you’ve avoided it thus far . . . read it! The dialogue is sharp and funny, the art is gorgeous, the characters grow and change in believable ways, the action pounds the pulse, and there’s no special effects budget to strain. This Buffy is the real Slim Shady-and, dare I say, it’s even better than the show in some ways!

Before you take advantage of our 28 Days of Comics, make sure to check out our HugMe shipping deal. And make sure to come back tomorrow for all of your favorite “C” titles, including Conan, Civil War, and Cartoon Network comics!

Anyone else have a ringing endorsement (or stinging critique) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Are you feeling the HUGME love? Post your comments below!

Written by Elisabeth@TFAW

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