Titans, Mutants, and Zombies

by Matt Tuck

132775_ac67024253554390501228ca05ab68c400cf7ca0-201x300 Titans, Mutants, and Zombies

Halloween 2017 is in the history books, but the holiday’s lasting impression can be felt in the comic book community.

With people looking for scares during October, Fox obliged with the “New Mutants” trailer having a heavy horror theme. That has resulted in a quick spike in sales for classic issues of the series. Not only did the genre give the Mutants a bump, but it also helped the heavyweight of horror, “The Walking Dead,” in comic sales.

However, titles didn’t require a horror theme to make moves in October. Key issues of “Teen Titans” made leaps in the Hottest Comics for the month as well.


The Justice League may be getting all the attention now, but just wait until next year when the Teen Titans media assault hits. We’ve already got Cartoon Network’s “Teen Titans Go!,” and soon we’ll see the team in live action on the small screen as well as the “Teen Titans Go!” feature film. And don’t forget that Deathstroke had some big news announced recently.

Let’s start with “The New Teen Titans” #2.

Why do you want this comic? It’s the first appearance of Deathstroke. While it’s up in the air whether or not the solo Ben Affleck Batman film with Deathstroke as the Dark Knight’s adversary will ever come to fruition, there is news from the DC/Warner Brothers camp that Deathstroke will be getting his very own feature film. It worked for Deadpool, so why not the original, right?

Ever since news broke that a Deathstroke movie is on the way, “The New Teen Titans” #2 has been on the rise. In the past month, it has moved nine spots and is on its way to cracking the top 10. Currently, it sits in 15th, and I expect it to steadily move up the ladder in the coming weeks.

Another popular Teen Titans comic is “DC Comics Presents” #26. This comic features the first appearances of Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire. Cyborg is getting the most attention lately as he is a full-fledged member of the Justice League in the new movie, and that will only raise his stock.


While not all X-Men fans are sure about the horror take on “New Mutants,” it is nonetheless getting lots of attention on the X-Men movie franchise. Ever since the first trailer debuted, the premiere issue of the 1983 series has been flourishing in sales. Since the beginning of October, “New Mutants” #1 has steadily climbed in the Hottest Comics. Presently it is 26th, up 29 spots from previous weeks.

“New Mutants” #1 might be the higher ranked comic in terms of sales, it isn’t necessarily the hottest of the series. “New Mutants” #18 is a rocket this month. Thanks to the popularity of the trailer, this issue is up 343 places in the Hottest Comics list. Why is it so hot? The plot of the new movie is based around key points from this issue.


Key issues of “The Walking Dead” are always popular, but they are especially hot at the moment. Not only was Halloween just last week (and boy were there plenty of “walkers” in official “TWD” zombie gear) which gives “TWD” basically free advertising because, you know, zombies, but the season seven premiered in October as well. Take those two things and you get lots of attention on America’s favorite zombie fighters.

First up is the original comic that got this whole zombie fascination rolling: “The Walking Dead” #1. Personally, I love the black and white panels in this one, but it’s highly collectible because it introduced us to what has become a pop culture phenomenon. Over the past month, it has risen (get it? Risen…zombies?) 38 places and is the 68th Hottest Comic.

The real mover, however, is “The Walking Dead” #108. The first appearance of Ezekiel and his pet tiger, Shiva, has been making leaps and bounds. It moved up 192 spots and is currently the 78th best-selling, graded comic on eBay.

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