Titan includes 3D comic in TOTALLY: THE PHANTOM MENACE magazine

by Jeff

1327429274 Titan includes 3D comic in TOTALLY: THE PHANTOM MENACE magazineMedia Release — As the Star Wars saga joins the 3D revolution with the cinema release of Episode I, Titan is delighted to announce the release of the official Totally: The Phantom Menace magazine.

The 32-page official movie souvenir magazine is a must-have, will-sell-my-last-bantha-to-buy-one comic for any self-respecting Star Wars fan, featuring a galaxy of features, puzzles, and games. And to celebrate the movie’s exciting new dimension, it features ten pages in amazing 3D, including an all-new, all-action comic strip! There’s an eye-popping double-page 3D pull-put poster with some of the most iconic characters in cinema brought to life. Plus, there’s a chance for readers to win an official Darth Maul Double-Bladed Lightsaber!

On sale 2nd February in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Totally: The Phantom Menace is the perfect magazine for the hordes of dedicated Star Wars fans to add to their collection of memorabilia, and discover exclusive inside knowledge on the movie along the way. Or, for new fans of the Star Wars saga, it offers an unmissable chance to dip your toes into cinema’s most famous galaxy.

Totally: The Phantom Menace goes 3D mad and brings to life the menacing red skin of Darth Maul and his deadly companion, the double-bladed saberstaff, in eight action-packed pages of exclusive 3D comic strip adventure! This never-before-seen comic introduces a new dimension of the Star Wars world. Vwooom! We see Anakin, still a slave boy, showing his speedy Podracing in Tatooine, while Darth Maul crushes battle droids and is trained up by the dreadful Darth Sidious. The spectacular action on Tatooine and Coruscant comes to life with the awesome FREE 3D glasses that come with every copy of the magazine.

Elsewhere, we look into Darth Maul’s past to shed some light on his dark powers. This mysterious menace gets unveiled as we delve deep into his background, from his origins as a Nightbrother to his rise as the force behind the darkness!

That’s not all! To add to the excitement of the landmark movie release, Totally: The Phantom Menace magazine is giving away a FREE C-3PO Grabber Arm and a load of collectible Star Wars stickers with every copy!

So put on your free pair of 3D glasses and re-live the magic of the first episode of the Star Wars saga with Totally: The Phantom Menace! This is the ultimate magazine to add to your Star Wars collection, and you can pre-order now to secure your copy before 2nd February!

Totally: The Phantom Menace, on-sale 2nd February at all good magazine retailers and newsagents. Don’t miss out! Pre-order Totally: The Phantom Menace magazine now!

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