It Is Time To Invest in The Inhumans

by Robert D'Ottavi

Inhumans1-300x169 It Is Time To Invest in The InhumansYou can’t help but feel a little bad for the Inhumans. Since 2012, Marvel pushed the characters to places they never really should have been pushed to. This obsession with the characters led people to blindly announce that it is “time to invest in the Inhumans.”

As now leaked information has revealed, former CEO of Marvel, Ike Perlmutter wanted the Inhumans to (essentially) replace the X-Men. Marvel Comics pushed the X-characters out of the comic book world, canceling an array of X-Men comics, and killing off some of their most famous characters like Wolverine and Professor X. Looking back on it, if all Perlmutter wanted to do was kill the X-Men franchise, he should have just waited for 2019’s Dark Phoenix to hit theatres.

Following the cataclysmic failure of the Inhumans TV show, which was forced onto Marvel Studios by Perlmutter, the Inhumans’ popularity within pop culture has certainly dwindled. Marvel Studios head honcho, Kevin Feige was reportedly so displeased with the treatment of the characters (personal favorites of his) that he gave parent company Disney an ultimatum: fire Perlmutter or lose himself. I think it is safe to say that Bob Iger’s decision was an excellent call indeed, as Marvel Studios’ Hollywood success cannot seem to stop.

Back to the Inhumans… Since the cancellation of the TV show, we have heard next to nothing about the Jack Kirby-created Royal Family. Since then, the characters have appeared in a few episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD, as well as playable characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on the Nintendo Switch, and yet, there has been no real news regarding a potential reboot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe… But now? I say it is time to invest in the Inhumans.

The Inhumans Will Have a Place in the Future of the MCU


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A little Disney+ program called Ms. Marvel is rumored to change all of that. Now, for those of you who know a little bit about Kamala Khan, you would know that she is in-fact an Inhuman. A few months ago, Geeks Worldwide reported that the forthcoming series will reboot the Inhumans into the MCU, recasting the roles with actors such as Vin Diesel as Black Bolt and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (former Quicksilver) as Maximus. A few days ago, The Iluminerdi reported that the Ms. Marvel show will add a newer Inhuman to the MCU in Kamran, who first appeared in Ms. Marvel #13 from May of 2015.


With all these rumors dropping left, right and center, I think now is an excellent time to pick up some Inhuman keys, as, let’s be honest here, none of them will really break the bank. If you are like me and refuse to spend big money on unproven books, I say go for lower grades (however, do not go lower than a 5.0 as graded by CGC). What I cannot stress enough about these books is that they are genuinely cheap. For me, I normally go hunting on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. In fact, a few days ago I bought Fantastic Four #36, #45 and #46 off Facebook Marketplace for a combined total of $360. The excellent thing about Silver Age books, especially if they feature the first appearance of characters as cool as the Inhumans, is that eventually, someone will make a damn movie about them. If I were you, I’d certainly look into picking up the following books:


FantasticFour045-204x300 It Is Time To Invest in The Inhumans







Now, look. These books are not likely to turn into significant profits in the next few months, if you want a book to do that, go get yourself a 9.8 copy of Eternals #1. However, if you are in it for the long game, I say it is time to invest in the Inhumans, as they will be your most trusted allies. Long live the Royal Family!

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