Tim Seeley gives the inside story on HACK/SLASH

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jul100444 Tim Seeley gives the inside story on HACK/SLASHWe’re kicking off the final week of our epic Image Month with an interview with Tim Seeley, creator of Hack/Slash! In this excellent book, the hot but dangerous Cassie Hack and her loyal sidekick, Vlad, hunt and kill slashers–supernatural serial killers in the Freddy and Jason vein.

He recently moved the book from Devil’s Due Publishing to Image Comics, so we asked him to catch us up to speed:

TFAW.com: What led to you bringing Hack/Slash to Image Comics?

Tim Seeley: At a certain point, I realized that DDP’s monetary problems were slowing down making Hack/Slash, and that there were artists I had asked to work on the book that weren’t going to get paid anytime soon. Josh and I talked it over, and it seemed like moving H/S to Image would be the best way to maintain my ownership, but also allow me to pick up some of the slack and get people paid off, and the book back up to speed. So far so good!

TFAW.com: Hack/Slash: My First Maniac is a prequel of sorts, letting us know what happened between Cassie defeating her mother, the slasher known as the Lunch Lady, and her present-day life as a slasher hunter. What made you decide to tackle this part of her life?

TS: I wanted to start as fresh as possible without ignoring the previous stuff or rebooting anything. We had never dealt with this time in Cassie’s life and it seemed like a great place to tell a story that would introduce her to new readers.

TFAW.com: What are we going to learn about Cassie during this miniseries?

apr100408 Tim Seeley gives the inside story on HACK/SLASHTS: The idea is to to show more of her before she became the badass she is today. We’ll see the origins of some of her neuroses, and some character-defining moments that make her who she is. And we’ll see where she got her stylish wardrobe.

TFAW.com: Is Vlad going to appear in this story arc?

TS: He will, but not right away.

TFAW.com: What are your plans for Hack/Slash after My First Maniac?

TS: A new ongoing! And before that, an annual that help bridge the gap between MFM and the new series, as well as a surprise book!

TFAW.com: There has been a rotating cast of supporting characters–are they going to stick around, or are we going to see more of Cassie and Vlad alone on the road?

TS: To me the supporting cast is one of the most intrinsic and important parts of any ongoing fiction. So, yes, they’ll all be back, at some point, for sure.

TFAW.com: When will we find out about Vlad’s past?

TS: I had originally planned to follow MFM with a Vlad-centric mini called “Me Without You.” But, I scrapped it. Maybe another time?

TFAW.com: You draw the occasional cover or short story for Hack/Slash, but you generally stick to writing. Why is that, and are you planning to draw more for Hack/Slash in the future?

jun100461 Tim Seeley gives the inside story on HACK/SLASHTS: I’ve always been out of rhythm with H/S art-wise. I’m always working on something else when a chance comes up. Some day!

TFAW.com: What has it been like working with Image Comics?

TS: A pleasure! I’ve always felt pretty at-home with Image, and this has been a rerun of that.

TFAW.com: The Dexter vs. Hack/Slash vs. Jason webcomic, which you did with Scott Allie, Dave Stewart, and Nate Pierkos, took the geek world by storm! Any chance of a sequel?

TS: I think we’d be crazy NOT to. icon_smile Tim Seeley gives the inside story on HACK/SLASH

TFAW.com: What other upcoming projects are you excited about?

TS: I’ve got lots of stuff . . . too much stuff maybe? Will people get sick of me? I dunno. But I have a book from Marvel coming up, as well as a project from Dark Horse and . . . well . . . let’s hope I keep ’em all straight.

Check out Hack/Slash: My First Maniac, as well as the rest of Tim Seeley’s comics and graphic novels.

Are you a fan of Hack/Slash? Do you wish Seeley did more of the interior artwork? Post your comments below!

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