Tim Drake = Batman Beyond?

by Mike W

tim-195x300 Tim Drake = Batman Beyond?According to ComicBookMovie.com, there is a big rumor suggesting that a live-action Batman Beyond movie is in the works. There is talk that the news of the movie development could be announced at DC’s FanDome Free Virtual Convention on August 22, 2020. Obviously, this speculation has sparked the rise of Batman Beyond #1. This issue features the first appearance of Terry McGinnis. Terry ends up taking the mantle of Batman Beyond when Bruce Wayne retires. Copies of this issue, specifically, CGC 9.8 grade is well over $1,000 due to the rumors. Another theory is the spike of another issue, Superman/Batman #22 & 23.

Superman/Batman #22 & #23

The speculation community is high on issues of Superman/Batman #22 & 23 for many reasons. According to many comic book outlets such as Key Collector Comics, issue #22 is the unofficial cameo appearance of Batman Beyond. In this issue, Batman refers to Batman Beyond as Tim Drake. Issue #23 confirms the first full appearance of Tim Drake as Batman Beyond. The key information about these issues could confirm that there is another Batman Beyond in the Batman mythos. Any new information revealing a Batman hero always brings attention to people. Drake is not a new character as well and has different titles over the years. Tim has taken the mantle of Robin and more recently, Red Robin.

robin-201x300 Tim Drake = Batman Beyond?red-198x300 Tim Drake = Batman Beyond?


Time Drake as Batman Beyond?

Superman/Batman #22 & 23  in the last couple of weeks have started to catch people’s attention. These were known as dollar bin books in comic shops. Now the issues are averaging around $15-20 each. The rise in prices could keep climbing until we get confirmation of the live-action Batman Beyond movie. The news could be revealed as early in DC’s FanDome Free Virtual Convention this month. Comic book collectors are always looking for the next hidden gem. These issues could be it. Additionally, these books can be picked up in dollar bins in shops and provide very low risk as well.

full-1-195x300 Tim Drake = Batman Beyond?.      Batman-Beyond-1-197x300 Tim Drake = Batman Beyond?

All in all, the chance of pushing Tim Drake as Batman Beyond is a small chance. Drake has not been provided much significance in the Batman universe. Whereas, Terry McGinnis’s popularity as Batman Beyond is enormous. He starred in his own animated television series in 1999. He was also featured in multiple volumes of the comic series as the character. Either way, the DC Comics’  universe is about to get bigger if they decide to introduce another  Batman hero, not named Bruce Wayne in their upcoming live-action movies.

If you want to think outside the box, then we could see a universe where both of these characters appear as Batman Beyond. In the same article from ComicBookMovie.com, there are talks of Michael Keaton reprising his role as Batman in the upcoming Flash movie. This detail is important because he could portray the role of an old Bruce Wayne training his next protege. Of course, the protege I am referring to is Batman Beyond. If the upcoming Flash movie follows the FlashPoint storyline, then it could open the multiverse to many versions of Batman Beyond. I believe this would be the ideal scenario of introducing Tim Drake or Terry McGinnis or both as the hero of Batman Beyond.


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