Thunderstrike Keys: You’ve Been…Thunderstruck!

by Matt Tuck

042722D-1024x536 Thunderstrike Keys: You've Been...Thunderstruck!Thor, where did you get that rockin’ vest? He may have stolen it from one of the Thunder God’s alter egos better known as Thunderstrike. Let’s check out Thunderstrike keys!

Thunderstrike-Thor-Marvel-Comics-Avengers-Masterson-h2-267x300 Thunderstrike Keys: You've Been...Thunderstruck!One thing we know about Love and Thunder is that much of the plot centers on Thor on his quest for inner peace. As of late, Marvel has been moving away from the first Avengers lineup; we could be seeing a couple of options when it comes to Thor. Not only will Jane Foster ascend to the rank of Goddess of Thunder, but Marvel Studios could incorporate Thunderstrike into the mix as they fill the void left by Thor. 

On that note, here are the keys you need.

Thor-408-195x300 Thunderstrike Keys: You've Been...Thunderstruck!THOR #408

It doesn’t look like this is going to happen, but never say never.

In the pages of Thor #408, Eric Masterson, who had been introduced in Thor #391, merged with the God of Thunder. This was a throwback to Thor’s early days when he shared a body with Dr. Donald Blake.

What makes me think that we could still see this happen in the MCU is because of the unintentional comedy of the moment and the slapstick that would ensue in the hands of Taika Waititi. 

Need a copy? Head over to eBay, where you can score a raw copy for no more than $5.

Thor-432-194x300 Thunderstrike Keys: You've Been...Thunderstruck!THOR #432

To change things up for the thunder god, Marvel decided to give Eric the keys to the sportscar. He became the one and only Thor for a time, basically impersonating the true Odinson until the experiment was over. At least it gave us that awesome beard.

The Marvel Legends figure line hints that we could get a tribute to this moment in Thor history with a costume that looks similar to the one Masterson sported during his tenure with Mjolnir.

While you can find raw copies for next to nothing, you could opt for a graded 9.8. It’s averaged close to $40, and that is less than paying to have your copy graded and shipped back to you.

Thor-459-195x300 Thunderstrike Keys: You've Been...Thunderstruck!THOR #459

Four years after merging with Thor, Eric’s time as the God of Thunder came to an end in 1993.

Since he had amassed a modest fanbase, Marvel didn’t discard and forget about Mr. Masterson.

Instead, he was given his own superhero identity, Thunderstrike.

In full Beta Ray Bill fashion, he sported his very own magical hammer that was forged from a shard of Mjolnir.

Last year, the graded 9.8 sold for a record $225. In 2022, it hasn’t gone above $140.

Thunderstrike-1-1993-197x300 Thunderstrike Keys: You've Been...Thunderstruck!THUNDERSTRIKE #1 (1993)

Whether or not Thor will officially become Thunderstrike in Love and Thunder is a mystery, but there is no doubt about the inspiration for his vest and t-shirt apparel.

That should be enough to send collectors on a hunt for his first self-titled comic in ‘93 with Thunderstrike #1.

This one has gotten the boost from Thor’s new look, and a 9.8 sold for $80 this month. 

Thunderstrike-1-2011-194x300 Thunderstrike Keys: You've Been...Thunderstruck!Thunderstrike #1 (2011)

In 2011, Marvel resurrected the Thunderstrike idea with a new Thunderstrike #1.

By this point, Eric had surrendered his hammer to his son, Kevin, who first appeared in Thor #392.

There hasn’t been a 2011 Thunderstrike #1 graded 9.8 to sell online since one brought $30 in 2017. 


Be it the traditional Thor, Jane Foster’s Goddess of Thunder, or Thunderstrike, we’re in for plenty of Thor choices in Love and Thunder. Could that include Beta Ray Bill as well? That remains to be seen, but the stage appears to be set for a changing of the guard when it comes to Mjolnir, Stormbreaker, and the powers of the Thunder God.

Upgrade2_Footer Thunderstrike Keys: You've Been...Thunderstruck!*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Z Ram May 3, 2022 - 9:44 pm

Thanks for spotlighting Thunderstrike! I don’t think there’s much spec with Thunderstrike if you really think about it, but those were great stories. Also, he didn’t surrender his mace (it wasn’t a hammer) to Kevin, he died. Not quite the same thing.


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