Three X-Villains for the MCU

by Matt Tuck

X-Men-53-195x300 Three X-Villains for the MCUThere is plenty of speculation as to potential X-Men in the MCU, but what about the villains? Let’s talk about some X-Men Villains.


Most of the marquee adversaries have already been featured in the Fox franchise. Judging by Marvel Studios’ treatment of Spider-Man, Kevin Feige and company have no intention to rehash old ideas. That’s why we have not seen the likes of Spidey mainstays like the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, or even Uncle Ben (whom I believe is sorely missed in the Homecoming films, but that is a topic for another day). For that matter, it also explains why Aunt May is not elderly, and Peter is a Tony Stark protege.

Just like the heroes, Marvel Studios is not likely to use the same characters fans have already seen in the Fox films. That eliminates some big names from contention (and breaks an X-fan’s heart), namely Magneto, Apocalypse, Bolivar Trask, the Sentinels, William Stryker, Sabretooth, Dark Phoenix, the Hellfire Club, Juggernaut, and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

So who are we left with? Luckily for Marvel, the X-Men have a plethora of villains to fill the void.

Uncanny-X-Men-221-page-1-217x300 Three X-Villains for the MCUX-MEN VILLAINS OPTION 1: MISTER SINISTER

FIRST APPEARANCE: Uncanny X-Men #221

This is the most obvious choice.

The Essex Corporation was an Easter egg in X-Men: Apocalypse, but the idea never came to fruition. That has made Mister Sinister the prime candidate to appear in the MCU X-Men franchise in most fans’ eyes.

Sinister fits the bill. First and foremost, he has never appeared in live-action on a big or small screen. Second, most mainstream fans do not know his character, which gives the creative team extra room to adapt him to the MCU. Third, he is darkly hilarious, particularly in Jonathan Hickman’s current X-Men run. That could easily make him a standout villain capable of stealing the spotlight.

Onslaught-205x300 Three X-Villains for the MCU



This could be the opening to pull both Charles Xavier and Magneto into the MCU without actually using both characters. In the 1990s, Onslaught was created when Professor X wiped Magneto’s mind in the “Fatal Attractions” storyline. When Xavier tapped into Magneto’s psyche, the two subconsciously merged into one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe.

Clearly, it would take drastic changes from the comic origins, but Onslaught could be incorporated into the MCU as a next-level threat. I could see him being used as a Jekyll and Hyde alter ego for Professor X, which would not only give the X-Men a powerful new villain but also a fresh take on an old character. Since Dark Phoenix has already been used twice in the Fox-verse, this would be the next best thing.

Cassandra_Nova-art-200x300 Three X-Villains for the MCU



Nova is one of the newer characters in the X-Men mythos, created during Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run. Her backstory is one that could work for the MCU. Basically, she is Charles Xavier’s twin sister. Although she died in the womb, she possessed such immense psychic powers that she was able to create a body for herself.

With powers on par with Xavier’s, Cassandra would present a threat unlike any other. In a sense, she could take the place of Magneto by being the antithesis to Professor X’s goals of peaceful coexistence with mankind.


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Jason82 July 30, 2020 - 8:24 pm

One of my favorite X-Men stories is X-Men 126-128 where they fight Proteus/ Mutant X. I think he would make a great movie villain.

I hope it’s not Cassandra Nova. I really didn’t enjoy Morrison’s run. The other two would be cool though. Maybe Mr. Sinister could genetically engineer Mutant X and then turn him loose.

Jerry Springer July 31, 2020 - 11:48 am

I think more obscure villains would work better than villians with too much backstory with established X-Men characters. The MCU is good at taking “b” or “c” list characters and making them popular. Why not try Unus the Untouchable, Proteus or Mastermind for example. Have them battle an established MCU hero first before introducing the X-Men.


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