Three Tweets (…and the Impact Within the Comic Collective)

by Peter Daddone

twitter-icon-circle-blue-logo-preview-400x400-2-300x266 Three Tweets (...and the Impact Within the Comic Collective)Since many of us have so many social media platforms we interact with every day, there is the potential to miss a post that would normally have given us some pause to think, laugh, or maybe run out to our local comic shop or online to eBay to find that dollar comic that will explode on the scene.  Each week, I’ll sift through all the white noise and find some Tweets we should be thinking more about!



Thor is Having a Banner Year…and it Just Got Better!

tweet-1-10-20-1-249x300 Three Tweets (...and the Impact Within the Comic Collective)The first Tweet that will certainly have the comic collective excited comes from Bill Rosemann, Creative Director at MarvelComics.  Rosemann re-tweeted, “By bringing in current Thor writer @Doncates for Nexus War & interweaving it with the current narrative of the Thor comic book series @Marvel has opened an ark of the covenant that has promptly melted my entire face and brain.” Not only did Rosemann add this amazing Galactus cover, but there will certainly be excitement and quite a bit of hype with Thor throughout the fall and into the winter!  I don’t think the current run of Thor has peaked yet!



Fans Tweet Wish List for a Fortnite/Marvel Merge!

tweet-1-2-236x300 Three Tweets (...and the Impact Within the Comic Collective)What superhero or supervillain would you like to see in Fortnite? Sometimes a great tweet comes from a reply to a tweet.  Few people probably saw this tweet, but @RanfeMcfly produced a classic tweet.  The tweet should definitely get the comic book collective thinking and generate quite a bit of comment-worthy buzz.  Attached to Rosemann’s tweet was a think-aloud of what we have all really want and have wished privately for, VENOM IN FORTNITE!  “Nuff Said!” -Stan Lee



Famous Comic Artists Drawing Advertisements

tweet-3-2-255x300 Three Tweets (...and the Impact Within the Comic Collective)The final tweet for this week’s Three Tweets comes from Aaron LoPresti, one of the very best artists in modern comic book history.  Lopresti writes, “My #Snikers Ad is out this week! Pencils by me, great inks by @NormRapmund, and outstanding colors by @hificolor!”  The tweet not only makes me hungry, but it also highlights one of the important elements that is commonly overlooked within the comic collective…advertising!  Many of our favorite comic artists draw the advertisements we see in comics and in other magazines.  The Lopresti tweet is a nice reminder that iconic comic artists can incorporate their flair and creativity into an advertisement layout.  More importantly, it is a great opportunity to explore some of the advertising copy drawn by our favorite comic artist.

It also brings up the argument and speculation of the value of comics by someone like Lopresti.  There are certainly some Lopresti keys that are potentially under-valued considering how much impact Lopresti has had since his first published work in 1993.  Personally, I love the Wonder Woman #20 cover with Lopresti doing the pencils.  GoCollect recorded two sales with a 9.8 estimate at $36.

Be sure to check out next week’s Three Tweets blog to catch up on those under-the-radar tweets that you may have overlooked while posting that crazy TikToc video you are positive will go viral and get you a year’s supply of diet coke and a truck! Now, who do you want to see in Fortnite!

FOOTER_Comic3-scaled Three Tweets (...and the Impact Within the Comic Collective)

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Jeanette Muller November 4, 2020 - 6:25 pm

You have a sister who loves Marvel so that’s a plus

Peter Daddone November 8, 2020 - 7:34 pm

So true! Thanks for reading Sis!


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