Three Strange Tales with Strong Upsides

by Matt Tuck

Continuing the Doctor Strange speculation, there are three comics you will want in your collection: Strange Tales #114, #126, and #169. Here’s why.

Strange-Tales-114-199x300 Three Strange Tales with Strong UpsidesSTRANGE TALES #114

After Mordo was featured in the original Doctor Strange film (as more or less a sidekick) and made his post-credits “heel turn,” to coin the professional wrestling phrase, he has been the most obvious choice to join the cast of Multiverse of Madness.






Strange-Tales-111-197x300 Three Strange Tales with Strong UpsidesNormally I would advise getting the first appearance, but collectors have the same problem with Baron Mordo as they do with Nightmare. As I wrote in “Affordable Nightmare Keys,” Nightmare debuted alongside Doctor Strange, and Mordo’s first appearance in Strange Tales #111 happens to be the second appearance of the Sorcerer Supreme (which sounds like a menu item at Taco Bell). That makes both of those issues much more expensive.

What’s a collector to do? Pick up Baron Mordo’s second appearance, of course. The lowest graded Tales #111 that’s sold in 2019 has been the 3.0, which brought $200 last month. For just $20 more, you can upgrade to a 5.5 Tales #114.




Strange-Tales-169-199x300 Three Strange Tales with Strong UpsidesSTRANGE TALES #169

By the bronze age, Doctor Strange had ascended to a self-titled series, and Brother Voodoo made his debut in 1973. There’s been much speculation about Jericho Drumm arriving in the MCU, especially since his brother, Daniel Drumm, was featured in the 2016 film.

If you have followed Voodoo in the comics over the years, you will know there is a bigger picture that could be played out in the MCU. At one point, Jericho assumed the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme, though it did eventually return to Doctor Strange. We are in the midst of a transition of sorts in the MCU with older characters giving way to newer versions, as is the case with Captain America. Voodoo could turn out to be a major player in the MCU, and when Benedict Cumberbatch retires from his Marvel role, Jericho could take over as the Sorcerer Supreme. That would make his first appearance skyrocket.

Brother-Voodoo-art Three Strange Tales with Strong UpsidesOf all the comics on today’s list, this one has been the most popular. Every grade has been on the move in the past three months, with the 9.6 setting a new record high of $1,545 when only two years ago it averaged $770. The good part is that the lower grades are still affordable. A mid-grade 5.0 has a 90-day fair market value of $113, and that will be a steal if my prediction of the MCU Jericho Drumm becoming Sorcerer Supreme comes true.





Strange-Tales-126-200x300 Three Strange Tales with Strong UpsidesSTRANGE TALES #126

This issue is already famous among collectors as it marks the first appearance of Dormammu. However, there’s another character who made her debut in this issue as well: Clea. She is Dormammu’s niece and ex-wife of Doctor Strange. A sorceress, she makes sense to be featured in the upcoming movie sequel as she has an important history with Doctor Strange.

Even though Dormammu has already made his MCU premiere in epic fashion, Tales #126 is still affordable at least in the lower grades. In the past 90 days, every grade from a 6.0 and below has sold for $125 or less. For those with a larger budget, you can go all the way up to an 8.5 for under $450.

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