Three Perfect Antagonists for ‘Man of Steel 2’ & Keys to Watch

by Matt Tuck

102022D-1024x536 Three Perfect Antagonists for 'Man of Steel 2' & Keys to WatchThe prospect of Man of Steel sequels brings more than just Henry Cavill’s return to the DCEU. It could also open the door for these three characters that are long overdue for movie stardom. 

Something strange is afoot in the state of the DCEU. With Black Adam fans counting down the hours to the film’s premiere, the word is that Superman will re-emerge as the greatest hero in the universe. That also brings reports that Cavill will star in multiple Man of Steel sequels.

If indeed we are being treated to more MOS films, who would make for a worthy foe? More importantly, which characters could make for the best stories? Here are three choices whose movie debuts could spell box office gold.


First appearance: The Omega Men #3

Superman-vs-Lobo-Cv3-variant-226x300 Three Perfect Antagonists for 'Man of Steel 2' & Keys to Watch

As I have written before, Lobo is a star waiting to happen, and Man of Steel 2 could be his proper introduction to mainstream audiences.

While he may not be a classic Superman villain, Lobo could play the part like no other. The two have squared off in the comics a few times, but the amoral anti-hero (and occasional villain) has fought many heroes over the years. He would make for the perfect antagonist to the Man of Steel as basically the polar opposite of the consummate Boy Scout. Plus, he has the size and strength to hold his own in a fight.

Even if Supes gets the upper hand, the “Main Man” has no issues with fighting dirty (if you read that and the Juggernaut song from Deadpool 2 came to mind, I salute you). 


First appearance: (as Hank Henshaw) Adventures of Superman #465; (as Cyborg Superman) Superman #500

Cyborg-Superman-yellow-lantern-191x300 Three Perfect Antagonists for 'Man of Steel 2' & Keys to Watch

Here is an underrated character that has such potential for being a major movie villain. Hank Henshaw was introduced in The CW’s Supergirl, but that version didn’t do him justice. Put him on the big screen and let him shine in a comics-accurate costume, and you could have magic. He is a complex character who first appeared as Cyborg Superman during the famous “Reign of the Supermen” storyline. Considering the last time we saw Cavill in the DCEU, he had returned from the dead sporting the black and silver recovery suit in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, a “Reign” adaptation could be in the works. 

The real potential here would be seeing Cavill pull double-acting duty as both the hero and the villain of the story. A lesser thespian may balk at the idea (or get the movie laughed into infamy), but the British actor has proven that he has the skills to pull off both roles masterfully. Even better, since it’s almost impossible to kill Cyborg Superman, he can later return for, say, a Sinestro Corps War adaptation.


First appearance: Superboy #68

Bizarro-300x300 Three Perfect Antagonists for 'Man of Steel 2' & Keys to Watch

A classic Superman antagonist, Bizarro may seem like a joke on the outside, but he could be written as a complex character for his big-screen debut. The interesting part about him is that he isn’t intentionally causing harm. In his mind, he’s playing the part of the superhero. In the comics, he’s typically a Superman satire, coming from a world of opposites that was meant for children’s comedy. However, by turning that formula on its head, you can transform Bizarro into a sympathetic character, a confused and alone “fish out of water” trapped on an Earth where he doesn’t belong.

He could easily resort to violence and destruction when he feels rejected and persecuted, effectively turning him into the monster people see. It would create a moral dilemma for Superman, who would be forced to choose between protecting his adopted world or protecting Bizarro, a being powerful enough to eradicate humanity altogether. 


What fans have wanted for years is to see an action-heavy Superman movie against a new opponent. While we got the action in Man of Steel, it was against the Superman 2 villains. The comics have such an elaborate cast of characters to choose from, and the DCEU has only begun to scratch the surface of the vast mythos. Hopefully this time around, Warner Bros. Discovery will give us something we haven’t seen before.

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