Three Marvel Ladies to Watch

by Blaise Tassone

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The success of ‘Captain Marvel’ in the MCU made a lot of people take notice and, along with hints about a diverse future cast of characters in the MCU, Carole Danver’s success should influence which books get promoted in future Marvel films. In short, female heroes are timely and, in actuality, there are plenty of female Marvel characters who are already capturing the attention of speculators: Black Widow, Savage She-Hulk, Laura Kinney, Spider-Gwen and Spider-Woman all quickly come to mind. But there are others…

In this post, I want to look at three Marvel ladies who may soon join the above mentioned super-women in sharing the spotlight. These are characters currently not getting the same kind of attention or who are getting noticed but may grab wider attention soon.

I’ve already posted about Spider-woman (Marvel(ous) Lady), She-Hulk (Savage Rumors) and Cassie Lang (Cassandra Lang – Key Appearances) on this forum, today I’ll look at lesser known Marvel super-girls.

The three super-heroines listed below are not the only three female characters currently flying under the radar, but as regards upcoming Marvel projects, some of them might be grabbing people’s attention as early as Phase 4.

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Captain Marvel #14 (September 2013) – First appearance of Kamala Khan (cameo)

The first overlooked Marvel lady is Ms. Marvel 2 aka Kamala Khan. Khan was introduced in Marvel’s wave of diversity heroines, around the same time as Riri Williams (aka Iron heart a female Iron Man) and America Chavez (aka Miss America, a Latino female Captain America character from another dimension). The reason I given Khan dibs over the others mentioned above is only because, quite frankly, she’s more likeable. Also Captain Marvel has been touted as moving to a more central role in future incarnations of the MCU. It makes sense that a character from her book will also move up in the ranks. Kamala Khan may not have the greatest super-power (she’s basically a female Reed Richards but less stretchy) however she is still my number 3 choice for Marvel ladies to watch. Her debut comic, in any case, is far from under-valued. I can cite the variant edition as especially already profitable. Captain Marvel #14 variant currently sells for a robust $4, 000.00 in certified 9.8 (yes, you read that right). This book is the Hulk #181 of modern Captain Marvel books. Kamala Khan appears in a one-panel cameo. The regular edition, which also sells for $375.00 in certified 9.8 grade, has room to grow on lower grades. There are currently 564 copies of this on the CGC census. A 9.2 can be found for around $160.00.


117629_6cddc8614320f119bd4a5e8d62dbd0972ac4631c-200x300 Three Marvel Ladies to Watch

Strange Tales #126 (November 1964) – First appearance of Dormammu and Clea

With a 9.8 FMV of $11, 000.00, this is by far the most valuable book in the list. The problem is, ‘By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth’ – it’s already spiked – it’s the first appearance of the ‘dread Dormammu’. The big D was, of course, featured in the first ‘Doctor Strange’ film (played by a CGI floating head in the final battle). In the comics, Dormammu’s neice, Clea, becomes a love interest and then wife for Stephen Strange. If she appears in the next ‘Strange’ Movie, they could be setting her up for even more films after that. With 576 copies on the CGC census, but only two of them 9.8 graded, there’s plenty of room for growth on lower grades. Currently a 4.0 copy has the FMV of a mere $80.00. That could change if Clea shows up onscreen.




124154_669cd8cccdfc40d0b258113ee2feb6609fa97b61-203x300 Three Marvel Ladies to Watch

Iron Man #54 (January 1973) – First appearance of Moondragon

Finally, the number one choice for Marvel maiden to watch is the daughter of Drax the Destroyer: Heather Douglas as she’s known in the comics, or better known as Moondragon. In the comics she later helped the Avengers and joined the Defenders. She is currently a Guardian of the Galaxy. Moondragon is noteworthy for her hairstyle- she has none. She is also an openly gay character, which again wins her diversity points. Finally, according to recent news, she may soon be making a Phase 4 MCU appearance. Logically, this would be in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume III’. In any case, keep track of the sales on Iron Man #54. Just as Iron Man #55 (the first Thanos) is softening in prices, can its predecessor start to spike? If so, it will be due to the first appearance of Madame MacEvil aka Moondragon. Iron Man #54 currently has a FMV of $1,650.00 in certified 9.8 grade but can be found for under $200.00 in 8.5 slabs. Three month data from shows that best returns have been on 7.5 at positive +37.3% after 3 sales (last sale = $76.00 on 05/09/2019 on eBay), 9.4 grades at positive +35.3% after 2 sales (last sale = $674.99 on eBay, 05/11/2019) and 9.0 at positive +33.3% after 2 sales (last sale = $300.00 on eBay, 05/10/2019).

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