Three Keys Poised to Spike Thanks to She-Hulk

by Matt Tuck

She-Hulk-Hercules-Cover-Art-225x300 Three Keys Poised to Spike Thanks to She-HulkAfter months of rumors, She-Hulk is confirmed for the MCU. Her new series could open the door for some supporting characters that will cause a spike in their key issues.

There’s plenty of excitement for the upcoming slate of Disney+ Marvel series, and She-Hulk fans are rejoicing that she is finally getting her time in the spotlight. This show will not only impact the market for her first appearance, but as casting announcements are made, it will raise the values for her supporting characters as well. Granted this is a show and not a movie, it won’t have the impact of a multi-million-dollar MCU film, but Disney+ is set to rock the streaming world and will give She-Hulk a large audience.

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Journey-into-Mystery-Annual-1-198x300 Three Keys Poised to Spike Thanks to She-HulkJOURNEY INTO MYSTERY ANNUAL #1

Not that JIM Annual #1 isn’t already a major key, but it will jump even more whenever his live-action debut is confirmed, which could very well happen in She-Hulk. The Prince of Power was rumored to star in the Eternals, but since then that has been all but shot down. That leaves She-Hulk as his most likely landing spot.

The two have a decades-long comic history. Not only have they been teammates in the Avengers, but, more famously, they had an on-again/off-again relationship that would translate well onto the screen. It would also be great to see them square off at least once.

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Secret-Wars-3-201x300 Three Keys Poised to Spike Thanks to She-HulkSECRET WARS #3

She-Hulk doesn’t have a rogue’s gallery of villains, so that narrows down the potential antagonists tremendously. At the top of her short list of villains is Titania, who debuted in 1984’s Secret Wars #3.

In the comics, she is considered one of the most physically strong female characters and able to match She-Hulk’s power. Historically, Marvel Studios tends to introduce villains who are a reflection of the hero in terms of abilities (such as Iron Monger, Yellow Jacket, Killmonger, etc.), and Titania fits the bill. I will be surprised if she doesn’t become a recurring character on the show, and we may see her husband, Absorbing Man, follow her into the series as well.



Hulk-2-2008-195x300 Three Keys Poised to Spike Thanks to She-HulkHULK #2 (2008)

Introducing She-Hulk opens the “green door” for all the other gamma-powered characters from the comics. Aside from Hulk making at least a cameo in the series, Rick Jones would make sense to arrive in the MCU via this series. If he does show up, I imagine we will see him infused with gamma rays and transform into the blue monster A-Bomb at some point.

There’s also a possibility of Red Hulk and the Totally Awesome Hulk being thrown into the mix, which you can read more about in Red Hulk’s Return and “Is the MCU Ready for the Totally Awesome Hulk?” Speaking of Totally Awesome Hulk, I can picture him debuting in this series. He would be a great fit alongside She-Hulk, and he’s bound for MCU stardom. For more on that topic, keep your eyes open for a follow up article tomorrow.





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