Three Jokers #2 Variant and FF’s MCU Impact: The Hottest Comics

by Matt Tuck

The Fantastic Four were all over the Hottest Comics, but it was a Batman: Three Jokers #2 Variant that took the prize for the hottest comic of this week


Marvel news held the most stroke among collectors again this week, even overshadowing Star Wars, which was impressive in itself.

After the Disney Investors Day announcements revealed that the Fantastic Four would precede the X-Men in the MCU, collectors were seemingly reading between the lines at the implications of the FF’s cinematic presence, namely their family of characters. That sent buyers on a race for the Silver Age Silver Surfer, Galactus, and Submariner key issues.

Remember, the Hottest Comics list is based on sales volume, not fair market value. The data is taken from eBay sales over a seven-day span. The comics listed in today’s post are the five comics that, based on eBay sales, had the biggest impact on the rankings of the 1,001 best-selling issues.


Batman: Three Jokers  #2 is the one issue on today’s list that is not a key comic. Still, Batman: Three Jokers # 2 a0576306442ff070d20fea57fe67143d-196x300 Three Jokers #2 Variant and FF's MCU Impact: The Hottest Comicshas been a hit series with Batman and Joker fans, and it has hauled in big sales numbers. For this past week, collectors took aim at this particular variant in droves, though it did not drive up prices in any significant way.

Being a new comic, it is no surprise that collectors mostly aimed for the high grades. Just this month, two rare 9.9s traded owners. The first brought $148 on December 2 while a December 14 sale netted $250. Not bad for a non-key issue. 

At a 9.8, Batman: Three Jokers #2 is generally a $30 comic, but one copy did sell for $75 on November 17.

FF-Annual-1-195x300 Three Jokers #2 Variant and FF's MCU Impact: The Hottest Comics23. FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #1 (+976)

There is nothing new floating about the internet regarding Namor, but fans are still eying his Silver Age keys just in case things change.

It was only a year ago that the hot rumor was that Atlantis and Wakanda would wage war against one another in Black Panther 2. This summer, after Chadwick Boseman’s death, those rumors fired up again. However, the Submariner was not mentioned at Disney Investors Day, so it looks like he is not on the agenda just yet. 

The highest graded Fantastic Four Annual #1 sold this month has been the 8.0, and that is a good example of the Namor boom happening now. Two years ago, the 8.0 averaged $704. Over the past 90 days, it has jumped to a $1,059 fair market value. 

Speaking of value, the better option may be the 7.0. That has been the most popular grade this year, selling nine times. It has gradually increased its FMV by over $200 over the past two years, and it now has a 90-day average of $552. The last copy to sell online went for $530 on December 17, though that is off the pace of those $600-$700 sales from July to December 13.

FF-49-200x300 Three Jokers #2 Variant and FF's MCU Impact: The Hottest Comics24. FANTASTIC FOUR #49 (+975)

The FF news carried serious weight heading into Christmas. Instead of sugar plums, collectors have visions of Silver Surfer and Galactus dancing in their heads.

Who can blame them? While nothing is absolutely certain until Kevin Feige says so, Disney and Marvel Studios will put both characters on the big screen despite the fact that Fox did it first. Then again, how many of us would like to forget those Fox FF movies, especially Rise of the Silver Surfer?

With all that FF attention as fans await Surfer and Galactus news, the three issues of the Galactus Saga sold extremely well. Not only did Fantastic Four #49 jump into the top 25, but Fantastic Four #48 moved up 952 spots to secure #12 and Fantastic Four #50 rocketed into 45th after a 922-position leap. Considering FF #49 was the biggest mover of the three, let us dive into the current market for that specific issue. As if it weren’t expensive enough, everything Surfer and Galactus is getting even more pricey. A 9.4 FF #49 sold for $9k earlier this month. Keep in mind that it averaged $6,600 in 2019.

That huge sale for the 9.4 is the likely reason the 4.0 has been the most popular grade among buyers. Throughout 2020, this one has sold 42 times for an average of $452. With presents to buy family and friends, that 4.0 is much easier on the Christmas budget than those higher grades.

Iron-Man-55-cover-194x300 Three Jokers #2 Variant and FF's MCU Impact: The Hottest Comics26. IRON MAN #55 (+973)

Thanos is dead and gone, at least in the MCU, but his legacy lives on through his first appearance in Iron Man #55. This week, this key cranked out a huge sales boost to move 973 rungs on the ladder. Of course, I suspect people are not buying this so much for Thanos as they are his brother, Eros/Starfox. 

Eros has never been a major player in the comics, but there is enough speculation of him entering the MCU to bring this issue back to life post-Endgame. Just for fun, let’s talk about this month’s 9.8 sales. The first came on December 3 and brought a whopping $8,000. However, the second sale was for $5,050, which is below the last two years’ fair market values that were above $6k. 

The grade most collectors have targeted this year has been the 7.5. It has been on a steady decline for two years now, dropping from $755 in 2018 to $698 last year and $642 this year. On the plus side, it has risen to a 90-day average of $667, and the most recent sale was for $700.

Marvel_Premiere_Vol_1_15-195x300 Three Jokers #2 Variant and FF's MCU Impact: The Hottest Comics28. MARVEL PREMIERE #15 (+972)

Just when I thought Danny Rand was out of commission for the foreseeable future, the buyers were all over his first appearance in Marvel Premiere #15. 

Since the dismal reception of his Netflix show, all those Iron Fist keys have been in the toilet. That may be bad news for investors that bought a copy during the Marvel Netflix craze, but it has opened the doors for collectors wanting a piece of the action for a decent price. 

Iron Fist’s first appearance made huge gains in the rankings this week, and some of that could be attributed to those incessant rumors that all the canceled Netflix series will get rebooted on Disney+. I highly doubt that will happen. At best we may see some of the Netflix actors reprise their roles as supporting characters in one of Marvel’s newer shows. Nevertheless, sales and FMVs for Marvel Premiere #15 have been blossoming. 

In October, a 9.8 sold for an impressive $4,099. That happened to be the highest price a copy at that level has earned since 2017. Collectors wanting to save money invested heavily in the 8.0 this year. Across 2020, that grade has sold 35 times for an FMV of $239, though the 90-day average has bumped over the $260 mark.


Three Jokers #2 and Marvel Premiere #15 were surprise additions to today’s list, and I don’t have much faith that they will keep their momentum as we march toward the new year. On the other hand, the Fantastic Four key issues will continue to smolder as the world prepares for Marvel’s first family to arrive in the MCU.

Will Marvel have success where Fox has failed? If anyone can pull off an FF reboot and present them in a new and exciting way, it is Marvel Studios. While I am a fan of the classic FF, the team needs to be brought into the modern age in order to appeal to a new era of moviegoers. Still, it will be great to see the Fantastic Four back in the mainstream spotlight, and I have no doubt Marvel will debut them in a big way.

So do you have a Batman: Three Jokers #2 hanging around?

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