Three IDW Publishing titles sell out in one week

by Jeff

4fb72755-79f7-46f4-93e3-20f3d8e2ca6d Three IDW Publishing titles sell out in one weekMedia Release — IDW Publishing is pleased to announce that three recent projects, The Highest House #1, The Spider King #1, and Frankenstein Alive, Alive! #4, have sold out at the distributor level after arriving in stores Wednesday, March 7th. In order to meet fan demand, second printings of all 3 titles will go back to print immediately, and fans can expect them in stores May 2nd.

In The Highest House, Mike Carey and Peter Gross (Hugo Award-nominated creators of The Unwritten) have reunited to collaborate on a new tale about a slave boy named Moth, who makes friends with a powerful entity called Obsidian that promises prosperity and happiness. Brent Monro of We Talk Podcasts says, “If you’re a fan of ‘The Unwritten’ or of fantasy/magic stories then I think this is a book that you will absolutely enjoy… Highly recommended.” The second printing of Highest House #1 will feature a recolored version of the main cover by illustrator Yuko Shimizu, and will also be oversized at 8.5″ x 11″.

Written by Josh Vann and illustrated by Simone D’Armini, The Spider King tells the tale of a group of unlikely Viking heroes who find themselves defenders of Earth from alien invaders carrying futuristic technology and advanced weapons. Rowan Grover from Multiversity Comics exclaimed, “Combining Viking ferocity with sci-fi intrigue, The Spider King #1 is a well-paced and beautifully drawn debut.” The second printing will feature a new cover by the series creators.

“We’re thrilled to see both retailers and fans connecting with our recent launches,” said IDW President and Publisher Greg Goldstein. “These recent launches represent what IDW can do best, and that’s bringing quality material to the market.”

Frankenstein Alive, Alive! meant to be a 4 issue mini-series by Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson to explore the further adventures of Mary Shelley’s monster. Prior to his tragic passing, Wrightson had completed several pages and laid out the entire final issue. Acclaimed artist Kelley Jones agreed to come on board, work from the layouts, and help complete the series. Issue #4 contains the final pages that Wrightson was able to draw along with Jones’ contribution, and the result flew off the shelves! The second printing will feature a new cover, showcasing an interior double-page spread pencil layout by Wrightson.

For more information on securing copies of the second printings visit your local comic shop.

About IDW
IDW Media Holdings, Inc. (OCTQX: IDWM) is a fully integrated media company, which includes publishing, games, entertainment, and the San Diego Comic Art Gallery.

IDW Publishing’s comic book and graphic novel catalog includes some of the world’s most popular entertainment brands, including Transformers, My Little Pony, Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, and Disney’s classic characters. At IDW’s core is its commitment to creator-owned comics including 30 Days of Night, Locke & Key, Wormwood, Ragnarök, V-Wars, and Archangel by bestselling sci-fi author William Gibson.

IDW Publishing is also home to the acclaimed and award-winning imprints; Top Shelf, The Library of American Comics, Yoe! Books, and Artist Editions, showcasing the greatest original art ever published in American comic books.

IDW Games’ diverse line-up includes the international phenomenon Machi Koro, as well as hit licensed games such as X-Files, Back to the Future, The Godfather, and TMNT.

IDW Entertainment serves as the worldwide distributor of Wynonna Earp airing on the Syfy Channel in the U.S. and is producing BBC America’s Dirk Gently, based on the bestseller by Douglas Adams starring Elijah Wood and Samuel Barnett.

4fb72755-79f7-46f4-93e3-20f3d8e2ca6d Three IDW Publishing titles sell out in one week

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