Three Currently Undervalued Books

by Blaise Tassone

116515_72972962bdac7ba7ba00052ba8f940ad07af7d63-200x300 Three Currently Undervalued Books

As we all come down from the high of the just ended ‘San Diego Comic Con’, it’s time to put things back into focus and separate the speculative wheat from the possibly over-hyped chaff. At the moment, as everybody buys up copies of Jane Foster/Lady Thor keys or pushes the value of Tomb of Dracula #10 to ever new highs, I want to instead focus on three books I think are currently undervalued and therefore have the potential to be worth as much (or even more) than the above mentioned titles.

What could outpace the growth on Tomb of Dracula #10 in value you ask?

Currently ToD #10 is setting new highs after the SDCC news Mahershala Ali will be portraying the Daywalker in an upcoming Marvel live-action project.

Yet, let’s not forget that at the same panel that introduced a future ‘Blade’ project, Kevin Feige was explicit that the ‘Fantastic Four’ is in development; plus, we were told, a ‘What if…?’ series is coming.

Fantastic Four #13 (January 1963) – First Appearance of the Red Ghost, first Watcher

That leads us to this book: Fantastic Four #13. Currently all early FF is probably undervalued, but this book seems to be especially so. With a stunning and cosmic-themed Jack Kirby cover, this comic is also the first appearance of Uatu the Watcher and the first Ivan Kragoff (The Red Ghost), with his super-apes in tow. The long term returns on this book (over the last 15 years) are ridiculously positive. Short term roi, however, currently show some negative numbers. The 6.0 grade is especially low, returning negative -15.1% numbers after 4 sales over the last 12 weeks. Let’s put this in perspective: the last three sales of FF #13 in 6.0 on eBay sold for: $650.00 (06/04/2019), $610.00 (06/24/2019); and most recently: $485.00 (07/01/2019). Compare that with sales of Fantastic Four #12. The last three sales in 6.0 grade went for: $1, 247.00; $1, 400.00; and $1, 545.00. FF #13 should be selling for at least as much. So, this is certainly an undervalued key. The last 9.6 sold on Heritage Action for $15,535.00 on 11/19/2015. Four years later, this comic in the same grade would be a steal at $22, 000.00.


127208_8009eec01f6442de53c1ba34da69792879a0e823-194x300 Three Currently Undervalued Books

Marvel Presents #1 (September 1975) – First modern Bloodstone

Ulysses Bloodstone is not a character that a lot of non-Marvel readers would know, but he may be making an MCU appearance at some point. Recently his daughter Elsa has been appearing in various Marvel comics and the first issue of her own book Bloodstone #1 (November 2001)179260_dad7ac3ab24bcb678d0d90263345e4adad7aee76-200x300 Three Currently Undervalued Books has heated up in value. Marvel Presents #1 is the first Bronze Age appearance of her father, a hunter and virtually immortal hero who is a demon and vampire killer. With the introduction of Blade, I wasn’t the only one who suggested that super-natural themed heroes might be on the agenda for Phase 5. Bloodstone would fit the bill and his Marvel Premiere debut is currently undervalued.

In 9.8 this Bronze Age comic has a FMV of $250.00. When you drop below that grade, it’s ridiculously inexpensive. 9.6 grades can be found for between $40.00 to $60.00 at the moment. Long term returns are mixed leaning positive. Over the last seven months returns have been mixed leaning negative with 9.8 showing negative returns of 14.8% and softening prices. The last 9.8 sold for $230.00. The market is mostly ignoring this book right now, which means it’s a great time to buy and get a deal.




132775_ac67024253554390501228ca05ab68c400cf7ca0-201x300 Three Currently Undervalued Books

DC Comics Presents #26 (October 1980) – First appearance of Cyborg; First appearance of Raven; First appearance of Starfire

It may seem strange to say this book is undervalued. It currently has a FMV of $775.00 in 9.8 grade. But let’s put this in perspective. The second season of Titans is set to launch soon, that show features Raven and Starfire both of whom have become two of the more popular DC female heroes over the last 30 years. If that wasn’t enough we get the first appearance of Cyborg (currently featured in the DC Universe Doom Patrol live action show but who has appeared on the big screen and is a fan favorite as well).

Want some more goodness.

Okay, let’s take the George Perez art into consideration. Let’s face it, this book is basically a winner all around, so it’s perplexing to see it sell regularly for under $200.00 in graded 9.4 sales.

This situation can be partly attributed to the low sales numbers on DC books (not all; but many- and I’ve written about this, here: DC’s Second Rebirth). Whatever the reasons the last three sales of this comic in 9.8 grade were for $709.00 (eBay 06/14/2019); $799.00 (06/18/2019); $750.00 (07/17/2019); so now may be a good time to buy.

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