Thor: Ragnor-Hype

by Matt Tuck

136142_f7be946cc90714f754d755d67756aeea558dda80-195x300 Thor: Ragnor-Hype

Am I the only one seeing Thor comics for sale more often than before? Not that it’s any surprise.

“Thor: Ragnarok” is nearly upon us, and the Easter eggs in the trailers alone have raised interest in the likes of Beta Ray Bill, Man-Thing, and Bi-Beast (I’m an avid Marvel fan, and even I had to research that one). Once the movie premiers, I’m anticipating a surge in Beta Ray Bill and Man-Thing who are clearly etched into the tower at the beginning of the trailer.

So for today’s entry, let’s pay a little closer attention to all things “Thor: Ragnarok.”


“The Mighty Thor” #337 is another hot comic as the new movie is on the horizon. Once fans recognized the horse-face of Beta Ray Bill on the tower, his debut issue has been hot. Like Hela, Bill’s first appearance has picked up in sales in nearly all grades. Luckily for buyers, this comic isn’t too pricey just yet. You can still get a graded 9.0 for just under $50, but don’t wait too long to buy. If he makes an actual cameo in the new Thor film or a subsequent feature, that price will shoot up.


Does anyone remember the Sy-Fy Channel’s original made-for-television movie “Man-Thing?” If you don’t, you aren’t missing anything. This was just a terrible adaptation of the character and not true to his comic roots. With the Thor Easter egg, it would be my guess that Marvel Studios may right that wrong sooner or later. Why else would they put such a recognizable character’s face in such a prominent place in the movie?

Looking for Man-Thing’s first appearance? You’ll need to find yourself “Savage Tales” #1 that featured a Man-Thing story. Copies of this aren’t easy to come by, so if you are looking for one, be ready to shell out over $250 for anything above a 7.0.

As a side note, you may also want to try to find a copy of “Man-Thing” #1. Who would have guessed that in the pages of Man-Thing there would be the second appearance of Howard the Duck? Don’t forget that Howard has made cameos in both “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies, and fans are pushing Marvel for more of the duck.

Howard the Duck’s ties to Man-Thing go further than that. His initial appearance was in “Adventure into Fear with Man-Thing” #19, so I wouldn’t be shocked if Marvel Studios paired the two together even if it’s only a cameo.


Finally, there’s the lesser-known Bi-Beast, who looks like a He-Man villain in my opinion.

This Hulk adversary has two heads, one right on top of the other, hence his name. He debuted in “Incredible Hulk” #169 back in 1973. The legendary Herb Trimpe, the same artist who brought Wolverine to life in the pages of a much-more famous Hulk comic, drew the issue with Steven Englehart having handled the script. Although I’m not a fan of Bi-Beast’s look (or even his name for that matter), he could be an interesting choice to bring to life on the big screen.

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