Thor and Asgard join Marvel’s Super Hero Squad Online

by Jeff

thor_loki_header Thor and Asgard join Marvel's Super Hero Squad OnlineMedia Release — Does all of the excitement around Thor, a movie from Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures, make you want to visit Asgard yourself? Now you can in Gazillion Entertainment’s family friendly massively multiplayer online game Super Hero Squad Online! With the new Asgard expansion, kids of all ages can take on the role of Classic Thor, Ultimate Thor, Valkyrie, or Gladiator Hulk. And since this free-to-play online Marvel kids game is accessible via all of the top web browsers; you can play as much as you want from wherever you want!

Super Hero Squad Online has an all new game world and missions to explore and conquer! Discover The World’s Tree and other landmarks in Asgard or battle through two brand new missions: “The Gods of Thunder” and “Freezer Burn.” Delve deep into the ferocious Fire Caverns or climb to the heights of the intimidating Ice Cliffs while demolishing armies of Rock Trolls and Fire Demons!

“The release of the Asgard expansion pack for Super Hero Squad Online fits perfectly with the recent nationwide release of the Thor feature film,” said Jason Robar, Vice President and Studio Manager for Gazillion Entertainment studio, The Amazing Society. “Fans can now go see Thor in action on the big screen then go home and join in all the epic adventures in a free-to-play MMO with their friends.”

“We couldn’t be more excited about the release of the Asgard Expansion pack,” said TQ Jefferson, VP of Games Production at Marvel Entertainment. “Being able to time our first post-launch content release with the nationwide release of the Thor feature film is very exciting, and fans can look forward to the release of even more content in the future. This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

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