Thor 4?

by Blaise Tassone

wield-mjolnir-cover-1103589-300x177 Thor 4?

It’s no secret that the Taika Waititi directed 2017 film ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ was a huge box office success. Earning an amazing $853,977,126 worldwide; far more than the first two Thor films (Thor 2011: Worldwide total = $449,326,618) and Thor: The Dark World (2013) = $644,571,402). ‘Ragnarok’ also introduced many new characters. Not surprisingly, the rumors are that some of them might be coming back. If they green light a new entry into the ‘Thor’ saga, what other supporting characters might we see on the big screen?

First of all, how do we know another ‘Thor’ film is even in contention? According to actress Tessa Thompson, who played Valkyrie in ‘Ragnarok’: “I think the idea is Taika [Waititi, who directed ‘Ragnarok’] would come back” (see here). Some, however, say, it won’t happen. They say (see here) Thor actor Chris Hemworth’s contract is up after ‘Endgame’ and, after all, Thor may die in the upcoming Avengers outing.

This is shortsighted: first of all we know nobody ever dies in comics! Moreover, it’s kind of hard to kill a god. But the reason why we should take the possibility of another ‘Thor’ movie seriously is the fact that Phase 4 will be, as production of the ‘Eternals’ film emphasizes, a more Cosmic turn. But why would another ‘Thor’ film be made?

Well, on top of the very strong financial considerations, the so-called ‘Phase 4’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe currently has one film confirmed: the ‘Spider-man Homecoming’ sequel, ‘Far From Home’. We can be fairly sure that sequels to ‘Dr. Strange’ and ‘Black Panther’, as well as the third ‘Guardians’ film, will happen. Other entries, like ‘Black Widow’ and a ‘Shang Shi, Master of Kung Fu’ film, are also more or less confirmed at this point. And of course, there’s the already mentioned ‘Eternals’.

In his trilogy, Thor is the one character that went from mainly Earth based to purely Cosmic adventures. I think a fourth ‘Thor’ entry with a Cosmic setting would develop that arc while fitting the current direction of the MCU.

That said which characters/comics might become sought out if another film happens?


119207_73bbfd5f8671e3286ed29af7c25a1d0f3e148ed9-1-197x300 Thor 4?

Thor #134 (October 1966) – First High Evolutionary

Obviously, a lot of the Thor mythos has not made it to film. The Mangog, Growing Man, Thermal Man, Firelord, the list goes on. But one character who would fit the Cosmic direction of the Thor saga is the High Evolutionary. I wrote about why this character might appear in the MCU a year ago (see here), and in the meantime prices on this comic have shown strong spikes. Currently, a certified blue label 9.8 is worth $6,250.00. A 9.6 will fetch $2, 400.00. 9.4 = $1,150.00, 9.2 = $550.00, and 9.0 = $335.00. Keep in mind that a year ago, you could get a 9.0 for under $200.00. Returns, in other words, have been surging for this book. Over the last year, best returns have been on 9.2 grades with a positive +237.8% roi after 5 sales. Followed by 9.0 with a +108.8% after 2 sales. The last 9.0 was sold on Jan 27, 2019 on eBay for $380.00.





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Thor #337 (October 1983) – First Beta Ray Bill

Who doesn’t love a horse-faced alien with the powers of Thor? Chances of Bill making the next ‘Thor’ film seem strong. If you re-watch Ragnarok, you’ll see that Bill’s face (along with other famous Marvel characters) can be seen outside the Grandmaster’s arena on planet Sakaar. Bill is a noble warrior who, in the comics, even managed to wield Mjölnir and then inherits Stormbreaker. As with Thor #134, returns on this comic have been mostly positive. A 9.8 is currently worth $300.00 and slightly down (at -10.6%) but returns over the last 3 months on other grades look as follows: 9.6 = positive +2% after 24 sales, 9.4 = positive +21.3% after 16 sales, 9.2 = positive +39.8% after 7 sales and 9.0 + 75.4% after 3 sales.





668733_thor-1-197x300 Thor 4?

Thor Vol 3 #1 (December 2014) – First Appearance of Jane Foster as Thor

Stellan Skarsgard, who portrayed Dr. Erik Selvig may not be appearing in ‘Endgame’, but I suspect Natalie Portman, who plays Jane Foster, might. She’s been missing since ‘Thor: The Darkworld’ and it wouldn’t surprise me if she not only comes back but has an important role in ‘Endgame’ or a future Thor movie. Whether Portman will continue to play her or not remains to be seen. However, we all know that in the comics, Jane becomes Thor for spell. Will the movies follow up on this? Currently the official first appearance of Jane as Thor shows strong returns on 9.8’s which are up +33.8% after 11 sales. The last three sales were for: $69.99 on 04/19/2019 (eBay fixed price); $74.99 on 04/18/2019 (eBay fixed price) and $79.99 on 04/13/2019 (eBay fixed price). February 8, 2019 saw the sale of a 9.6 for a best price offer of $44.00. So, an affordable modern Thor comic which has the potential to really take off if a Jane as Thor scenario happens.

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