This Week’s Hot Trends and Oddballs: Hero for Hire

by Matt Tuck

021021E_Facebook-300x158 This Week's Hot Trends and Oddballs: Hero for HireThe Hero for Hire keys were on the way up, and Madonna made a completely random appearance in this week’s Hottest Comics ranks.

*Please note: The data in this article applies to the week of Jan 31- Feb 6 2021*

It was the natural team-up that never came to fruition on Netflix: Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Heroes for Hire. Will they get paired together on Disney+? Kevin Feige has said the Netflix characters are all “on the board,” but where that fits them into the overall MCU spectrum is anyone’s guess.

At any rate, collectors were adding those Cage and Iron Fist keys to their sets. Here’s more.

Hero-for-hire-1-199x300 This Week's Hot Trends and Oddballs: Hero for Hire8. HERO FOR HIRE #1 (+71)

Since Hero for Hire #1 is the first appearance of Luke Cage, who was known as Power Man around that time, it is no surprise that this is the most popular of the Hero issues. What got my attention was that several Hero for Hire comics cracked the top 500 this week. Besides #1, none were all that valuable, but it does solidify the notion that collectors are banking on Cage coming back to live-action.

Marvel_Premiere_Vol_1_15-195x300 This Week's Hot Trends and Oddballs: Hero for Hire9. MARVEL PREMIERE #15 (+701)

These two are the peanut butter and jelly of the Marvel Universe; you can’t mention one without the other. They are a fan-favorite tandem, and Marvel would please the majority of readers by keeping them together. That includes pairing them on the big screen.

Marvel Premiere #15 had taken a considerable hit after Netflix’s Iron Fist was so poorly received. However, that could be remedied with a better outing on Disney+ if Marvel Studios chooses to go that route. Just know that Danny Rand doesn’t have to remind us that he is the Immortal Iron Fist in every scene. 

Hero-for-Hire-12-199x300 This Week's Hot Trends and Oddballs: Hero for Hire374. HERO FOR HIRE #12 (+625)

Is there something I don’t know going on here? Hero for Hire #12 seems like a random issue of Hero for Hire to move up over 600 positions in a week, yet here it is. It does feature the first appearance of an extremely minor villain, Chemistro, but I hardly believe anyone even cares if he makes it to live-action. For that matter, I doubt casual Luke Cage fans even remember Chemistro.

Hero-for-Hire-14-199x300 This Week's Hot Trends and Oddballs: Hero for Hire377. HERO FOR HIRE #14 (+622)

It takes a hardcore Hero for Hire fan to go after Hero for Hire #14. While minor characters Big Ben Donovan and Phil Fox make their first appearances here, there is not much else to entice collectors into seeking out this particular comic. All I can guess is that several speculators were building their Bronze Age Hero for Hire runs.


Rock-n-Roll-Comics-17-200x300 This Week's Hot Trends and Oddballs: Hero for Hire672. ROCK N’ ROLL COMICS #17 (+327)

The most random title on the list was a toss-up between the biography of Dwight D. Eisenhower and Madonna. Either way, these two did not belong among the ranks of superheroes and sci-fi stories in the top 1001.

Revolutionary’s Rock N’ Roll Comics is a series of independent titles that spotlight various pop and rock figures through the decades. This particular issue focuses on the “Material Girl” herself, Madonna.

There obviously is a market for Rock N’Roll #17. Just last month, a 9.4 earned a respectable $70. That being said, it may be worth your time to collect a few of these rock comics.

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