Third issue of Haunt sells well per Image

by Jeff

oct090361 Third issue of Haunt sells well per ImageMedia Release — The highly anticipated third issue of the new superhero series, Haunt, released December 3, is on the verge of yet another sellout!

Since its debut in early October, Haunt has consistently sold out at a distribution level each month. Todd McFarlane credits the loyal fans with the book’s success. “Historically, a new book comes out, and after a few issues, reader enthusiasm begins to wane. The Haunt creative team is very thankful that after three issues the appetite for this series continues to grow.”

Haunt centers on a pair of brothers, Kurt and Daniel Kilgore, who act more like adversaries than family. Kurt, a secret agent, and Daniel, a less than holy priest, bond in a way neither of them expects after Kurt’s untimely death. A surprise fusing of Kurt’s ghost with Daniel’s body creates a chain reaction, turning the brothers into the character, Haunt. After being taken to Kurt’s agency’s headquarters, Daniel discovers information that could put an even larger kink in the already strained relationship with his brother.

With the continued success and distribution-level sell outs of Haunt, we will return with all new printings of previously sold out issues, available in small quantities at your local comic book store.

Haunt #1 4th Printing and Haunt #2 3rd Printing, both 32-page full color comic books for $2.99, will be in-stores alongside Haunt #4 (NOV090317) on January 6th, 2010.

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