Think about the Kids!

by Ariel Lazo

youngavengers-201x300 Think about the Kids!The Marvel Universe is transforming in front of us. Captain America is old, Iron Man and Black Widow have passed, and Thor now has a dad bod. It’s time to bring in some new blood! Unlike with ABC, the new Disney streaming service will intertwine the TV series with the movies, with that being said, we will see many new characters start to appear in the MCU that we have only read about. Some of these characters are Wiccan, Speed, Stature, and Hawkeye. Will there be a chance for the replacements to take off as the originals did?

With a younger generation of comic book fans reaching levels not seen since the comic crash of the ’90s, younger characters are starting to make an impact on sales and on screen. The new WandaVision show will bring in Wiccan and Speed, the twin sons of Vision and Scarlet Witch, while Hawkeye will introduce Kate Bishop as the new title hero. Like many, I also thought that Lila Barton would be the next archer but according to many sources, the focus will be on Kate. The capacity that we will see these heroes in is yet to be determined, but it would be a great concept to put on paper. I mean, we have half the team right here already in the beginning of Phase 4, maybe in Phase 6, we might see it all come to fruition.

Since the TV shows are coming out very soon, I wanted to point out some books that you should grab now before prices rise:

young_avengers_1-197x300 Think about the Kids!Young Avengers #1 (2005)/Young Avengers #1 (2013)newavengersyoung-198x300 Think about the Kids!

The first appearance of the Young Avengers and first (unofficial) appearance of the New Young Avengers (I know, what’s next the New, New Young Avengers?). Which team will be used? Eh, maybe both! In the 2005 issue, we first meet Patriot, Kate Bishop, Iron Lad, Hulkling, and an Asgardian whose name was changed to Wiccan. From what I can gather from sources is that Disney+ will be introducing a member of the team in each of their shows. How true is that? Not sure, but many of the moves Disney is making are starting to make this spec more and more credible. Currently the 2005 issue will run you about $240-$270 in a 9.8 grade, but the 2013 issue is no where near that price point. In April of this year a copy of the 2013 issue only sold for about $40, maybe it is due to not being the official first appearance or the demand isn’t there yet for it.

vison_scarlet_12-194x300 Think about the Kids!

The Vision and The Scarlet Witch #12

Break out your baby bottles and diapers!! This issue is the birth of Thomas Shepherd (Speed) and Billy Kaplan (Wiccan). Scarlet Witch gives birth to her and Vision’s twin sons, all key elements for the Young Avengers and the House of M storyline. A little off-topic: With WandaVision going full steam and the next installment movie of Doctor Strange, there is a chance for Scarlet Witch to break the multiverse due to something happening to her family. Personally, I think both starting dates are too close for this arc to happen now, but once the X-Men are reintroduced to the MCU and the world, it would make an AMAZING movie! Only 2 copies have been recorded on our census as being sold and both sold for about $35-$40 about 2 years ago. DO NOT SLEEP on this issue! It will rise very soon, albeit not Hulk #181 levels but you could still flip it and make a few bucks to score the next book on the list…


marvel_premiere_47-194x300 Think about the Kids!Marvel Premiere #47/ Young Avengers #6young_avengers_6-197x300 Think about the Kids!

Marvel Premiere #47 sounds very familiar because not only is it the first time we ever see Cassie Lang in comics, but it is the first time her father, Scott Lang, wears the iconic Ant-Man suit. We ALL loved Paul Rudd as Ant-Man and with talks of Ant-Man 3 in the works this book will sky-rocket, especially if Cassie becomes Stature. Since this issue might be difficult for some people to obtain (9.8 sold in September for $599.95), the next best issue is Young Avengers #5, first time Cassie appears as Stature. Both will be in demand, but for those who only want Stature, this is the book to get. Prices have stayed about $150-$200 for a 9.8, but one did sell for $92.02 on 10/22/19, showing you can still score one at a good price, just have to look.


Marvel made history with the Avengers. They brought to life our childhood heroes, giving us hope that one day, I too can be a hero! Oops, sorry meant it gives us hope to see more heroes on the big screen. With new and younger collectors going out to cons and collecting comics, maybe a new generation of Avengers is needed as well. What are your thoughts?

Hope you all enjoyed! Till next time, Happy Hunting!

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