These Comics are on Fire! Star Wars, Batman, and more

by Matt Tuck

Star-Wars-Clone-Wars-1-standard-193x300 These Comics are on Fire! Star Wars, Batman, and moreThese three comics have thundered in the market over the past month with swelling fair market values. Let’s look closer at Star Wars: Clone Wars #1, an All-Star Batman variant, and an underappreciated issue of Captain Marvel.

Plenty of attention gets paid to the biggest sellers each week, but what about the comics that suddenly jump in value? These issues may not have the highest sales volume, but they have dramatically upped their FMVs in the past month.


Everything Star Wars is at a blistering pace thanks to The Mandalorian. Anything connected to the beloved Clone Wars cartoon series is at a particular high now that the characters from the show are being introduced into live-action. The most highly anticipated of those is Ahsoka Tano, and her first comic appearance from Star Wars’ Dark Horse days is paying huge dividends. 

Last year, only five 9.8s traded hands for a respectable average of $281 with a high of $355. The 2020 figures have vaporized those marks. Since May 16, not one issue has sold for less than $1,450. What’s more, is that two sales on November 22 saw it surpass the $2k point. 

Needing more on Star Wars: Clone Wars #1? Be patient because a more detailed breakdown is on the way in the coming weeks.

All-Star-Batman-1-Jock-variant-195x300 These Comics are on Fire! Star Wars, Batman, and moreALL-STAR BATMAN #1 (JOCK VARIANT)

Seemingly out of the blue, collectors are scrambling for copies of 2016’s All-Star Batman #1. In the case of the Jock variant, the prices have jumped by over $100. 

With all the turmoil of 2020, four years ago seems like the distant past. In 2016, as part of DC’s Rebirth that ended the New 52 relaunch, Scott Snyder was tapped to write All-Star Batman. Being a first issue with a superstar writer at the helm, DC commissioned numerous variants for the series’ premiere. For the most part, those all fell into obscurity until recently, except for one.

The Mark “Jock” Simpson variant has made tremendous gains in two years’ time.  From 2018 through 2019, even the 9.8 was worth very little. In 2018, it sold 19 times for a $32 average. Last year, it dropped to just nine sales and still clung to that $32 FMV. Even as recently as June, this comic was selling for as low as $12. Then came July, and it broke through the ceiling. It has now sold 45 times in 2020 and has brought as much as $300 twice. At the time of this writing, it has a 90-day FMV of $130, though it has not sold for less than $140 since October 10.

Captain-Marvel-the-End-1-variant-197x300 These Comics are on Fire! Star Wars, Batman, and moreCAPTAIN MARVEL: THE END #1 (VARIANT EDITION)

Despite making big gains this fall, Captain Marvel: The End #1 has mostly flown under the radar despite it having multiple first appearances. This issue featured the debuts of several future children of superheroes, such as Gambit and Rogue’s daughter, Irene; Hawkeye and Black Widow’s daughter, Katie; and War Machine’s son, James. 

The standard edition at a 9.8 has not sold since August, but it did bring $153. The variant edition has been making bigger waves. From February throughout most of the summer, the 9.8 variant stayed in the $50-$60 range. Then in mid-August, it jumped into the triple figures, selling for a high of $135. It currently has a 90-day FMV of $103. If Marvel brings any of the aforementioned superkids into the main continuity, those values will explode. 


Star Wars is living off The Mandalorian’s success, and every SW key connected to the show is a juggernaut. The excitement for Ahsoka will only push her key issues even further. As for The End #1, this is a solid investment. With Marvel relying heavily on new characters, there is a good chance that one of the superkids will return in the comics, and that will make this a coveted issue. As for All-Star Batman #1, the Jock variant is awesome, as is all his other work, but I don’t see it going up much higher than it is right now. If you are a fan of his work, you probably already have it in your collection. 

FOOTER_Comic3-scaled These Comics are on Fire! Star Wars, Batman, and more

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Mike December 6, 2020 - 9:42 am

Lol I’m seeing listing on ebay for the jock variant at $10. Maybe it would be a good idea to include the ebay link to those sales.

Edward Saravo December 6, 2020 - 12:40 pm

Regarding the All-Star Batman #1 Jock Variant, only the DC Certified Edition (graded and slabbed by CGC using a special Batman label) is selling for over $130. If it’s in a slab without that special label, then 9.8’s are selling for around $35-40.


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