Theodore Roosevelt Battles Zombies in Indie Comics Magazine #6

by Jeff

ICM6-NewsReleaseHeader Theodore Roosevelt Battles Zombies in Indie Comics Magazine #6Guns blazing, a young “Teddy” Roosevelt cuts his way through a horde of zombies in Frederick Kim’s “The Dead and Endless Wastes,” appearing in Indie Comics Magazine’s Summer Issue, scheduled for preorder in Diamond’s June 2012 Previews under Aazurn Publishing.

After a Star Trek fiction Kim wrote was published by Pocket Books, he explored writing for comics and Hollywood. A life-long fan of science fiction and fantasy, he’s been recognized in several screenwriting contests for his television pilots and spec teleplays.

At Andy Schmidt’s Comics Experience workshop for comics creators, Kim met other talented storytellers who joined together to form Elevator Pitch Press.

Kim is working on several projects, including a TV pilot about a combat support hospital in a world devastated by a global pandemic, and a cyberpunk comic mini-series about the coming robot revolution. “I realize I have a thing for stories about worst-case scenarios,” he said.

Indie Comics Magazine’s Summer Issue will feature eight complete stories, from creators as diverse as Norwegian Glenn Møane, Australia’s Paul Bradford and Haller Award winner Joe Sergi.

The moody cover painting for the Summer Issue is by Image and Disney illustrator Terry Pavlet.

Short biographies and contact information are included with done-in-one stories in Indie Comics Magazine so readers can easily seek out more of their favorite creators’ work.

Indie Comics Magazine is 64 pages of the best story and art from today’s independent comic book creators. No huge overprint, no digital version, no back issue sales, June’s Previews under Aazurn Publishing is the ONLY way comic readers can get Indie Comics Magazine’s Summer Issue! Visit Indie Comics Magazine online at

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