The Young Avengers Return

by Jeff
nov072167d The Young Avengers Return

Because You Demanded It! Spinning out of the critically-acclaimed Young Avengers, the hottest new super-team of the century is back in Young Avengers Presents #1 (of 6)! Eisner & Harvey Award-winning scribe Ed Brubaker (Captain America, Daredevil, Criminal), rising star artist Paco Medina (New X-Men) and cover artist Jim Cheung (New Avengers Illuminati, co-creator of Young Avengers) bring you a spotlight on Patriot, grandson of the black Captain America, as he deals with Steve Rogers’ passing. Seeking out the enigmatic Winter Solider (better known as Bucky Barnes), Patriot hopes to find some guidance in dealing with the death of Marvel’s greatest hero…but who he’s looking for and who he finds may be two very different things!

Beginning a six-part look at the roles of Patriot, Hulking, Wiccan, Vision, Stature and Hawkeye in the post-Civil War universe, Young Avengers Presents sets the stage for the future of these heroes—and the Marvel Universe will never be the same!


Written by ED BRUBAKER
Pencils by PACO MEDINA
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC—1/3/08, On-Sale—1/23/08

nov072167d The Young Avengers Return
Young Avengers Presents #1
dec072207d The Young Avengers Return
Young Avengers Presents #2

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