The Desert Peach Crosses Over

by Jeff

Shipping to shops in February 2008:

AFTERDEAD 1.2: The Desert Peach Crosses Over

The Desert Peach, back in a “real” world thousands of years after his first death, is asked to accompany the half-horse officer Stinz, who has been chosen for the high honor of breeding for the Reich — and is terrified. The Peach finally learns why “Nobody cares if you’re gay.”

“While readers will get a lot of laughs out of all this, they’ll also encounter very intelligent, no-holds-barred musings on gender roles, gay inclusiveness, and societal attitudes towards marriage and couples of all stripes. Donna Barr’s stories have hardly been devoid of social commentary so far, but it seems to me that these stories manage extremely well to blend humor and what I see as a feminist point of view, with a unique weirdness that’s never gratuitous. Disturbing, and I mean that as a compliment.” — Francois Peneaud,

Retailer information:

Product Title: AFTERDEAD 1.2: The Desert Peach Crosses Over

Issue/Volume Number: 1.2

Number of Issues/Volumes in Series: 1.2 of 2

Frequency of Publication: Episodes: Quarterly. Full book: Annual

Intended Audience: Full Citizen

Genre: Historical Fiction and Editorial

Format: 6.62” x 10.25” 64 pages black and white perfect bound.

Retail Price: $16.95 (Direct retailer discounts available).


Country of Printing: USA

Ship Date/Month: 1 February 2008

ISBN: No ISBN or other codes for episode editions.

Author(s): Donna Barr

Artist(s) : Donna Barr

Cover Artist(s): Donna Barr

Special Notes: Large annual collections will also include internal color. COLLECTOR’S NOTES: Books are acid free.

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