The world will attend Small Press Expo 2013

by Jeff

spx The world will attend Small Press Expo 2013Media Release — We are a little less than a month out from SPX 2013 and we here at SPX Galactic HQ are totally stoked about the show. So, we wanted to bring you up to speed on what is going on.

Check out the information below. We will be back with more cool stuff for you as we get closer to the show.

SPX will be held September 14 & 15, in our normal place, the Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, across from the White Flint Metro stop, in Bethesda, Maryland.

26 days and counting!!!

Hope to see you there,
Warren and Mike


Take a look at this list of special guests. As the old MGM Studios used to say:

More stars than there are in the Heavens!

Seth, Raina Telgemeier (Go Raina!!!), Jeff Smith, Congressman John Lewis (Saturday Only! OMG!! A civil rights living legend at SPX!!!), Liza Donnelly of the New Yorker (great speaker, see her Ted talk on the interwebs..), Lisa Hanawalt, Gary Panter (did the set design for Pee-Wee’s Playhouse!!), Frank Santoro, Gene Yang, Ed Piskor (his Hip Hop Family Tree is the hottest thing on Boing Boing), Dash Shaw, Rutu Modan (all the way from Israel)!, Jon McNaught (all the way from England!), Michael Kupperman, Jay Lynch, Frank Cammuso and Liniers (all the way from Argentina!).

OMG!!!! How the hell am I gonna be able to see all these great artists to buy stuff and get stuff signed?

Massive International Presence

International exhibitors from Germany, Mexico, England, New Zealand and coming the furthest this year of anyone, a contingent of Australians will be joining our indie comics playground! You can see them all by going to

The Biggest Indie Comics Event Ever?

All these folks will be in attendance, in addition to the 650 creators and publishers that will inhabit the newly embiggened Exhibition Hall, which now measures over 23,000 sq. ft. That is a solid half acre of comics and graphic novels!!!!

And There’s More to Come!

There are still a few more guests to be announced this week, we feel that you deserve as many primo guests as we can get you. So stay tuned to your favorite SPX social media channel!!!


Last week we announced the nominations for the Ignatz Awards. For the first time in comics history an entire category, Best Graphic Novel, had nothing but women creators as nominees. We are real excited about that, as well as the rest of the nominees. Go see all of the amazing Ignatz categories here.


For those of you coming from out of town, well, please book your rooms in the next few days for 2 reasons:

1. The room block closes next weekend, on August 24 to be exact.

2. We do not have a lot of rooms left in the room block itself, so first come, first serve to the remaining rooms at the special SPX rate.

Here is the link for the SPX room rate. Book away, and do it quickly!


For those of you that have not seen them, below are the posters by Seth and Domitille Collardey, and one of the fantastic badges designed by the ever cool Ed Piskor.

Copies of the the posters will be available at the show, stay tuned for more info on the other great SPX art that will also be on sale.

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