The Wish List: Key Issues After Marvel’s SDCC Announcements

by Matt Tuck

Marvel Studios set the comic community ablaze with its plethora of upcoming projects announced at San Diego Comic-Con. That leaves one question: which comics should you be scouting for?

Below you’ll find all the projects Kevin Feige and company announced at SDCC along with the key issues that will be most impacted by the latest reveals. I’ll be following up on most of these in the near future, and I’ll give you a more detailed breakdown of the other keys connected to these projects.

For more on the announcements from Marvel’s SDCC panel, go to Newsarama, which is the site I consulted for today’s list.

Eternals-13-193x300 The Wish List: Key Issues After Marvel's SDCC AnnouncementsTHE ETERNALS

The biggest news was the full-cast announcement for the Eternals. All the original Eternals comics from Jack Kirby’s bronze age series are booming, and I foresee the Gilgamesh keys gaining more traction now that he was been officially added to the mix. The Forgotten One has never been the most popular of Marvel’s pantheon, but his first appearance in Eternals #13 is about to skyrocket.





Strange-Tales-111-197x300 The Wish List: Key Issues After Marvel's SDCC AnnouncementsDOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS

We already knew that Baron Mordo would be the featured villain for the second installment in the Doctor Strange franchise. Now that we have a title and release date, look for his first appearance in Strange Tales #111 to become even more expensive.







124683_80354fcf19fc24010fb397765ac96bd2b05bd53f-199x300 The Wish List: Key Issues After Marvel's SDCC AnnouncementsBLADE

This is exciting! There have been rumors of a Blade reboot for years, and things really got interesting when Feige made comments that he wouldn’t be opposed to a horror-themed addition to the MCU. Does that mean Blade will go full horror? If so, this could open up the possibility of a new direction for the MCU. As far as keys, collectors will be looking for Tomb of Dracula #10, which was already high priced and is going to keep climbing.





Captain-America-25-198x300 The Wish List: Key Issues After Marvel's SDCC AnnouncementsTHE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER

Is it just me or is the title “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” a play on Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton’s 1985 movie, “The Falcon and the Snowman?”

After Endgame, the debut of Sam’s Captain America in Captain America #25 picked up steam, and it will continue to rise as the hype for the show grows. Anthony Mackie confirmed that Sam Wilson will be wearing the star-spangled costume in the DIsney+ show, and that’s only going to make a hot book even hotter.




Marvel-Special-Edition-15-200x300 The Wish List: Key Issues After Marvel's SDCC AnnouncementsSHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS

Shang-Chi’s first appearance in Special Marvel Edition #15 will keep going up, not that the news of his feature film debut was a surprise. The addition of the ten rings, which was mentioned all the way back in the first Iron Man movie, makes for an intriguing plot for a movie I wasn’t overly excited about to begin with.






X-Men-silver-age-4-199x300 The Wish List: Key Issues After Marvel's SDCC AnnouncementsWANDAVISION

The silver age debuts of Scarlet Witch and Vision are holy grails for many collectors. Between the two, X-Men #4 will be the more coveted issue as the Disney+ series will likely push Wanda Maximoff as a major force in the MCU, possibly even a threat. I love a good fan theory, and here’s one from Digital Spy that suggests WandaVision could introduce an MCU version of the House of M storyline from the comics.





What-If-1-193x300 The Wish List: Key Issues After Marvel's SDCC AnnouncementsWHAT IF…?

Out of all Marvel’s Disney+ series, this one sounds the most interesting. What If…? truly opens the door for the multiverse and has the potential for the most original and engaging stories on the new streaming service. It also will push the fair market value for the original What If…? series and the first issue published in 1977.






Young-Avengers-1-197x300 The Wish List: Key Issues After Marvel's SDCC AnnouncementsHAWKEYE

Another series we’ve known about for months, Hawkeye has already brought added attention on Kate Bishop’s debut in Young Avengers #1.  The bigger picture is that her inclusion in the show could signal the rest of the team coming to the MCU.







Thor-1-2014-197x300 The Wish List: Key Issues After Marvel's SDCC AnnouncementsTHOR: LOVE AND THUNDER

The fourth film in the Thor franchise, Kevin Feige announced that Natalie Portman will be reprising her role as Jane Foster, who will wield either Mjolnir or Stormbreaker (my guess is Mjolnir) to become Thor, Goddess of Thunder. For more on that, read yesterday’s post “Do You Have Thor #1? Because Lady Thor is Coming to the MCU.”






Avengers-43-198x300 The Wish List: Key Issues After Marvel's SDCC AnnouncementsBLACK WIDOW

Taskmaster will serve as the main antagonist in the Black Widow solo film, which isn’t news since we already knew that. What did catch some by surprise was the reveal that Red Guardian will be featured in the film, and that’s going to cause a feeding frenzy for Avengers #43. For more on Taskmaster’s first appearance, check out “Now Everyone Loves Taskmaster.”





Journey-into-Mystery-85-201x300 The Wish List: Key Issues After Marvel's SDCC AnnouncementsLOKI

Not much is known about Loki’s upcoming Disney+ series, and his first appearance was already a major key. Still, fans loved Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of the God of Mischief, and his return to the role will keep Journey into Mystery #85 well established as a holy grail.

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