The Unstoppable Juggernaut

by Matt Tuck

118128_fa6e9846f7d17a16870d07c6340e0991708e894e-198x300 The Unstoppable Juggernaut

Deadpool 2 had a massive opening weekend, and with that success a classic X-Men villain has been thrust into the spotlight: Juggernaut.

Although there was fear among comic fans over Deadpool 2 when rumors began circulating that the film needed major reshoots because of poor feedback from test audiences. However, those worries have subsided because the movie has been received very well by the comic community. In fact, some are going so far as to rank it as high as Infinity War.

While Josh Brolin’s interpretation of Cable is being commended, it’s Juggernaut who is getting the surprise applause. That means that Juggy’s key issues will be moving quickly in the coming weeks, so let’s look at where the market stands as of now.

X-MEN #12

This has always been a popular book, and Juggernaut has always been a popular character. However, his on-screen portrayals have been lacking for the most part. Of course, it’s hard to bring to life a giant who wears a bullet-shaped helmet with no neck and not have it laughable. Look at X-Men: Last Stand; that rendition of Juggy was so bad it’s downright hilarious.

Since Deadpool 2 actually pulled off a decent portrayal of Juggernaut, the main issue fans will want is his first appearance. And if you’re looking for a sound investment, this is it.

The 90-day average for nearly every grade of X-Men #12 has been on the rise. The real attention-grabber is the CGC-graded 8.0 that sold for $1,300 on March 25. Prior to that astronomical sale, an 8.0 had been going for an average of $559 just last year. Keep in mind that the $1,300 sale could be an outlier considering that the previous two sales of the same grade this year went for no more than $750.

X-MEN #13

Juggernaut’s second appearance doesn’t have the eye-popping figures of X-Men #12, but this is nonetheless a hot book. The thing with second appearances is that true fans of that character will often opt for the second appearance over the first simply because of price. From an investment standpoint, that means that you could more easily flip X-Men #13 than X-Men #12 because it’s cheaper.

If you’re a collector on a budget, which most of us are, then an X-Men #13 at a CGC-graded 9.0 for less than $500 will look more appealing than the 6.5 X-Men #12, which is the highest grade that is selling for under $500.


This is an all-around fun story that will forever be one of my favorite Juggernaut stories. In the pages of ASM #229-230, he had his first meeting with Spider-Man. These two issues also showed us why he says he is “unstoppable” as he plowed through an A-list hero like Spider-Man until Spidey outsmarted him.

Like X-Men #13, ASM #229 is one you can flip relatively easily. A CGC 9.8 is currently averaging $120 over four sales this year. The highest price fetched was $167 back on March 25 (apparently, that was the unofficial Juggernaut day on eBay). Theoretically, you should be able to snag one for around that $120 mark and potentially flip it for around $175 as interest in Juggernaut rises.

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