The Uncanny X-Men Have A New Home And A New Printing

by Jeff

In true “X” fashion, Marvel’s favorite mutants can never catch a break. The latest issue of Uncanny X-Men has ushered in the all new Manifest Destiny and kicks it off with a bang! Due to overwhelming demand, Marvel is pleased to announce that Uncanny X-Men #500 has sold out at Diamond (however may still be available at a retail level) and is going back to print with Uncanny X-Men #500 Second Printing Variant. With a cover featuring the interior art of superstar artist Greg Land, this issue is the beginning of a new era in a brand new home—San Francisco! Eisner award winner Ed Brubaker and superstar, Eisner-nominated co-writer Matt Fraction have planted the X-Men deep in the heart of San Francisco and there’s no telling what’s in store!

The reviews are in and everyone’s clamoring for more!

Greg McElhatton of says “Uncanny X-Men #500 feels like the X-Men comics I read many years ago…due to the high level of excitement and fun that they’ve infused into their comic.”

Ron Richards of also exclaims “I fell for the fanboy-ish glee I get from an exciting turn in the lives of Marvel’s Merry Mutants.”

Daniel Crown raves that “Fraction and Brubaker’s script has a weird charm to it. They tell the kind of quick-hitting yarn that doesn’t exist in the modern world of superhero comics”

Steven Bari proclaims “Brubaker and Fraction have successfully put these children of the atom face forward with the task of saving themselves from extinction and building a community out of a population smaller than most Midwestern towns. Can they succeed? Who else will stand in their way? It’s a great time to be an X-fan!”

Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Uncanny X-Men as well as all other X-titles as excitement builds around Manifest Destiny and what the future holds for everyone’s favorite group of mutants!

Penciled and Cover by GREG LAND & TERRY DODSON
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC—8/14/08, On-Sale—9/3/08

UncannyX-Men_500_SecondPrinting The Uncanny X-Men Have A New Home And A New Printing

Uncanny X-Men #501

Things start out grim for the newest X-Girl as the team gets settled into its new secret headquarters. Scott and Emma do what Scott and Emma do best– but what’s the secret project Scott’s been building? And is anyone prepared for the menace of the Hellfire Cult? Mysteries, riddles, enigmas, and pain freaks all converge in the brave new world of San Francisco– read SFX 1: ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES!

Uncanny X-Men #502

The hunters become the hunted as the X-Men let the Hellfire Cult know they won’t be going down without a fight. Beast brings a special guest star to visit the Cult’s latest victim. Cyclops and Karma chalk up a victim of their own. Nightcrawler’s extracurricular activities are brought to light. And learn, for the first time, what Wolverine listens to while fixing his car. All this and the team leaps into battle against the Cult in a full-frontal assault…the prize, San Francisco!

Uncanny X-Men #503

Who will save the X-Men from the Hellfire Cult? It’s not Wolverine. It’s not Cyclops. But it better be someone because they’re a minute from death. And who is that mysterious red-head?

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