The True Savior of Gotham

by Ariel Lazo

769218_ce9ca92eacbfbd2d50551571686d459496ec6a40-192x300 The True Savior of GothamGotham is in need of help, but who will help Gotham against its newest villain, BATMAN? Set in a different continuity than The New 52, it opens up with Jack Napier, aka The Joker, walking into GCPD going to speak to an inmate. The inmate in question? BATMAN! How did this happen? One way to find out! Read on!

Batman White Knight #1

Written and illustrated by Sean Murphy, this story dives deep into how Gotham would be if Joker became the good guy, Gotham’s own White Knight. I know, pretty cool, right?

This story has it all! Multiple Batmobiles, 2 Harley Quinns (Yes 2!), and Mr. and Mrs. Freeze! Well no more wasting time, let’s get this story going!

717377_batman-white-knight-1-193x300 The True Savior of Gotham

First things first, if you are going to start, the best place is always the beginning! This is the first issue of the series which will open you to a different side of Gotham. Almost all issues in this series have maintained their values above $40 with some in the $100 range (all CGC 9.8 FMV).


Story of the White Knight

This is a whacked-out story. Here we have Jack Napier, a medicated version of the Joker, who with new meds is very docile and sane. But with his newfound sanity comes clarity. He plans a way to show Gotham that the true enemy is Batman. He focuses on how much destruction and death run rampant anytime Batman shows up.

Here we meet Harley Quinn (identical to Margot Robbie’s Harley) and the original Harley (original costume colors). We come to learn that the old Harley Quinn left the Joker when he “killed” Jason Todd. Jack does not remember any of it, but you can see that he feels regret for his past actions. Jack and Harley team up in order to frame and force Batman to show his destructive side to the world. He wants him to pay and be crucified for all of his actions.

During an attack by mind-controlled villains, Batman gets hurt badly. He was hurt so badly that Alfred on life support wakes up769210_cb6f5b7aba3235c3908462ecfe2239416ac2fafb-195x300 The True Savior of Gotham and sacrifices himself in order to save Batman, plugging him into life support. Just like in life, we are all responsible for our actions. This being said, Jack is also the reason why a new villain, Neo-Joker emerges. Her first appearance as Marian Drews is in Batman: White Knight #2 with issue #3 being the first full appearance of Marian as Neo-Joker.

Jack teams up with the GCPD, Batgirl, and Nightwing to take down the new public enemy #1, Batman. At the end of it all, Jack has beaten Batman and has placed him behind bars. Talk about a turn of events!

Batman is in jail, Gotham is left unprotected and Neo-Joker is still on the loose. Having no one to stop her, Neo-Joker sets her sights on Jack. Jack is unable to match wits with her and she is able to best him. Harley convinces Jack that in order to stop a Joker is to do something that the real joker would never do.

Jack and Batman join forces in an unprecedented move! Jack releases Batman from jail in order to help him take down Neo-Joker. But now his medicine is starting to wear off. Jack is now converting back to Joker. He is able to hold him off but not for too long. With two of the biggest rivals in comic book history joining forces, Neo has no chance to survive.

In the end, we see Batman saving Jack and even providing him with CPR. Now with all of this behind them, Jack and Harley are set to get married, with Batman in attendance. Wait are these two besties now? NOPE! Just before Jack says, “I do”, he converts back to Joker for the last time.

769219_batman-white-knight-8-variant-cover-193x300 The True Savior of GothamAt the end of issue #8 (Variant Shown and linked), we see a lot of self-reflecting from Batman. Also, the true mastermind behind all of this is unmasked! Which actually may surprise you. The mastermind stated this was necessary in order to break the stalemate between Batman and the Joker before they tore the entire city apart. Batman realizes how he could be better. With the loss of a dear friend and all the events that just transpired, he goes to GCPD and drops off multiple keys. Batman gifted the GCPD with Batmobiles to use as a gesture of a new start. How amazing would it be to see this on the big screen? Imagine the closing scene is Batmobiles racing down Gotham Fast and Furious style!

I can honestly say I can’t do this story the justice that it deserves. I LOVE Batman but his recent runs have been lacking that wow factor. This book has it and more! Plus it is only 8 issues! Since unfortunately many of us are stuck home, this is a great read to get you back in love with the Dark Knight.


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