The Trojan War continues in AGE OF BRONZE Volume 3.1

by Jeff

may130447 The Trojan War continues in AGE OF BRONZE Volume 3.1Media Release — Image Comics announces Age of Bronze: Betrayal Part Two, the new book in Eric Shanower’s award-winning Age of Bronze graphic novel series. The book compiles issues 28 – 33 of the critically-acclaimed Age of Bronze comic book series, which tells the complete story of the Trojan War. Age of Bronze: Betrayal Part Two retails for $28.99 hardcover and $18.99 paperback. Find it at your local bookstore (hardcover ISBN 978-1-60706-757-3, paperback ISBN 978-1-60706-758-0), in your local comic book store (call 1-888-COMIC-BOOK for the store nearest you), or online at

As the Greek and Trojan armies clash, the action begins immediately where the previous volume left off. It’s the first battle in a war that will last for ten long years. Achilles fights Hektor with sword and spear while from high on the walls of Troy Helen watches warriors fall dying into the dust.

Inside the city of Troy elaborate schemes of royal intrigue play out. Pandarus manipulates his niece Cressida into becoming the lover of the Trojan prince Troilus. But when the Greeks take Cressida prisoner Pandarus’s plan blows up in their faces. The players scramble for safety, but not all of them can find it.

One of the fascinating aspects of Age of Bronze: Betrayal Part Two is how graphic novelist Eric Shanower adapts earlier tellings of the Trojan War into his story. Betrayal Part Two includes Shanower’s version of a William Shakespeare play. Shanower explains, “Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida from 1602 is considered one of his problem plays. The scene when Cressida meets the Greek leaders and they take turns kissing her is powerful, but many productions make Cressida a willing participant. I couldn’t see her doing that, so I found a way to stay true to Shakespeare and true to the characters at the same time.”

Shanower’s elegant pen-and-ink drawings and deft weaving of the story bring Age of Bronze: Betrayal Part Two to brilliant life. Readers will thrill to the action and suspense in this newest book in the series that has called “fit for the gods.”

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