The Top Three Silver Age Comics in June

by Norman Robinson III

120443_8918cb862e7da8848b49f45b02a08925378dccfc-199x300 The Top Three Silver Age Comics in JuneThe Silver Age is still one of the best investment pools in comics. Many currently popular super-heroes came out of this Silver Era from  1956 through 1970. The comic book Showcase #4 is the start of the Silver Age of comics. This was the first appearance of the Silver Age Flash (Barry Allen).  It is now a marker for an entire age of comics. This month we have three of the usual suspects for top performers in total sales and popularity.  The month of June produced many of the same old Silver Age keys that have been top-ranked for months. Interestingly, two of the books are Fantastic Four comics that showcased other super-heroes, namely Silver Surfer and Black Panther. Both characters have their books percolating up due to the goodwill of their fan base. Which one of these keys is a solid speculation play?

Top Three Comics for June:

Fantastic Four #48

The Fantastic Four #48 is the first appearance of the Silver Surfer created by Stan Lee and Jack (The Giant) Kirby.  This book is hotter than a Galactus energy blast. Currently, a mint grade comic of FF#48 has a $28,000 FMV price range. Even a grade of (1.0) will cost you around $400 for this Silver Key. Is it worth it? The lower grades are still accessible and a grade of (2.5) has returned an Intergalactic killing at +72.1% ROI. This is a good book to buy as the prices have been low on these classic Fantastic Four Silver Age keys, still plenty of great deals out there.

Iron Man #1

Tracking closely behind in second place is the greatest inventor Tony Stark and his Iron Man alter-ego. In my opinion, the Iron Man series really marked the beginning of this new age of MCU movie proliferation. It is not too surprising to find Iron Man #1  in second place in the Silver Age. The first issue of the Iron Man titled series was created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan. This comic book’s worth is $13,500 FMV price range, for a mint condition (9.8) grade. Iron Man #1 continues to repulse up the ranks, claiming the rank of second most popular Silver Age comic for June. I would stick with the mid-to high-range on this comic say (7.5) through (9.0) which have returned as much as +19.9%. I believe this speculation is equivalent to Hulk-Buster armor; as it is a very safe, consistently strong and popular issue.

Fantastic Four #52

The first appearance of Black Panther was in  Fantastic Four #52, another Stan Lee and Jack Kirby creation. The King of Wakanda ( don’t try to find it on a map) has been a popular comic well before its current #1 rank in June (GoCollect). To buy a mint copy of FF #52 would cost you a condo in Reno, NV at $78,000. The returns have been volatile with a (3.0) grade returning +20.9%. The Fantastic Four #52  has a (purrrfect) ROI of 28.2% in a grade (8.5) very fine plus.  Quite simply, this speculation is the cat’s meow for June.


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