The Top Four Bronze Age Comics in May

by Norman Robinson III

ASM-252-201x300 The Top Four Bronze Age Comics in MayInfinity War has become one of the top-grossing movies of all time. This kind of raw cinematic business activity has pushed all prices up for speculative comics that were once forgotten. May’s hottest comics were a bunch of broken, lost toys, for many years neglected and forgotten. This was never more true for the Bronze and Silver Age titles getting play during this era of mega-movies. The media hype is everywhere, and look at the most recent successful movies: Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Infinity War all Bronze, Silver, and Modern Age comic books. These books have been left out of the price inflation, until now. Go back five years when Iron Man was all the rage; where were modern Thanos issues then? Ron Lim is a popular artist who helped recreate Thanos during the modern era in the 1990’s giving rise to his current popularity. The media frenzy has pushed all these heretofore neglected comics to new price highs.

Wolverine #1 (1982)

Speaking of frenzy, no one embodies it more than Mr. Berserker a.k.a. Wolverine. During the 1980’s Wolverine had a popular limited run series. This Wolverine #1 (1982) is frothing into fourth place as the hottest Bronze Age comic. The issue was a collaboration between Chris Claremont (script) and Frank Miller (pencils) with Joe Rubenstein on (inks). Last month alone this book had over 52 sales. The returns have been no yolk: with grades of (9.8) up +5.1%, (9.4) +21.7%, and a very fine (8.0) up over 33% in the last month (GoCollect). Wolverine’s stint as a masterless samurai in Japan has many fans.

Amazing Spider-Man #252

The first black suit appeared in the Amazing Spider-Man #252. The cover on this book was an homage to the original Amazing Fantasy #15. Now it is popular because it is the first black Spider-Man suit in a regular series. This comic currently fetches $650 FM Value in a (9.8) and has sold 60 copies in the last month alone. The grade of (7.5) has already returned +137%, and we are still months away from Venom appearing in theaters (GoCollect). It is entirely possible this book could take precedence and even outpace Secret Wars #8. Amazing Spider-Man #252 published well before Secret Wars #8, which could give rise to it as a more valuable key. Currently, this comic is the third hottest title in the Bronze Age during May (GoCollect).

Ms. Marvel #1 (1977)

Infinity Wars is the tide that lifts all boats including Ms. Marvel. Soon she will be known as Captain Marvel. Her first appearance is in Ms. Marvel #1 (1977) with an outstanding cover and interior art by John Romita and John Buscema. This comic could be purchased for next to nothing from the dollar bins 5-7 years ago. There was a great deal of interest in this issue during May. Fans ratcheted up 76 sales in May alone. Everybody knows this build up was because of the movie, but we are not going to see this character in action until the next Avengers. This book has room to run because we won’t see Captain Marvel until next year; giving this speculation time to breath. With the power cosmic at her disposal Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel #1) has bolstered her returns with a (7.5) graded book with a positive yield of +33.3%, cosmic results Cap (GoCollect).

Number One Hottest Bronze Age Comic in May

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8 is a perfect example of movies influencing comic book prices. After all, this book was a nothing burger, a mere six years ago and now it has an FM Value of $220 for a (9.8) mint copy  (GoCollect). Mike Zeck did the cover art for Secret Wars #8 and with Jim Shooter (script) helped bring about one of the most popular characters from the 1980’s. This comic introduces the first Spider-Man symbiote into the Marvel storyline, and into Peter Parker’s continued web-slinging adventures.

All of these forgotten titles are now the hottest keys in May. From Amazing Spider-Man to Wolverine these books owe their current popularity and price increases to movie madness. Notice that the top four books are all Marvel properties. This is no coincidence if the movies sell; then the comics will sell. The correlation is clear, sure you have random keys starting to cool off, but Marvel is the place to be a speculator in 2018. Now if we are looking at story content; that is entirely another matter. DC in my humble opinion now rules the creative chicken coop. The forgotten comics of yesteryear are the mega-comics from Marvel in May. At the apex of these hottest titles is the first symbiote appearance in Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8. Yep, Venom has top billing again.

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