The Top Comics for 2020: Silver Age Keys

by Norman Robinson III

FF-49-200x300 The Top Comics for 2020: Silver Age KeysAt the forefront of the Silver Age was Marvel Comics with their first team of superheroes: The Fantastic Four. Their names were quaint. Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch, Invisible Girl, and The Thing. They fought and won battles against the Mole Man, Sub-Mariner, and eventually Galactus. Today, this group is still popular. Speculation regarding future FF creations has seen Fantastic Four comic books rise in value. Which FF comic books should you buy? What are the top-ranked Fantastic Four comics for the Silver Age in 2020? Further, what trend returns can you expect?

The Silver Age was a time of great upheaval in the country. It was mostly due to a shifting demographic that is with us even today, the Baby Boomers had arrived. They espoused freedom and creativity. Their parents were from the WWII “Greatest  Generation.” This generation consisted of many of the men who created our favorite characters and comic books. The comic industry is littered with stories of men who returned from the war and did illustration or writing in cartoons or comics. For instance, Stan Lee was a WWII veteran in the Army Signal Core from 1943 to 1945. The Silver Age owes the “Greatest Generation” a lot and comic books are included in that debt.

Fantastic Four #49

The first full appearance of Galactus and the second appearance of Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four #49 is a big book. Though not as expensive as FF#48, it nonetheless is popular and carries its own weight as a significant book. Besides, the cover is much better than the giant Gerber baby on FF#48

ff-52-1-197x300 The Top Comics for 2020: Silver Age KeysFantastic Four #52

The first appearance of the Black Panther in Fantastic Four #52 was a huge development for the time period. The first black superhero in Marvel and perhaps one of the most interesting in all comic books. The Black Panther captured the essence of the 60s. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created their first black superhero and now 60 years later we are waiting for his second movie and he is more popular than ever.

eyJidWNrZXQiOiJnb2NvbGxlY3QuaW1hZ2VzLnB1YiIsImtleSI6IjU0N2VjOWU1LWEyOTQtNDkyOC04YTQyLTNiOGFmNjMxN2NiNS5qcGciLCJlZGl0cyI6W119 The Top Comics for 2020: Silver Age KeysSilver Surfer #1

This comic book is the first appearance of Shalla-Bal, of Zenn-La the origin of Silver Surfer, and his first titled series. Therefore, Silver Surfer #1 is a quad-key. It was created by Stan Lee and John Buscema with Gene Colan in 1968.


Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return
Fantastic Four #52 6.5 $1045 516 +14.2%
Fantastic Four #49 6.5 $925 328 +21%
Silver Surfer #1 6.5 $780 388 +17.3%

FF-group-198x300 The Top Comics for 2020: Silver Age KeysConclusion

These three comics are tied into The Fantastic Four and more specifically the Silver Surfer and his creator Galactus. The Fantastic Four #52 is the first appearance of the Black Panther. This character has seen a huge change with the death of a wonderful actor Chadwick Boseman (may he rest in peace). His death, while tragic, has got the speculators rolling.  To be sure, when a replacement is picked FF #52 will probably skyrocket. I used the grade of 6.5 which has the largest pool of sales over the last year for each of the three books. The prices are remarkably close, with Fantastic Four #52 edging out FF#49 and Silver Surfer #1 in that same grade category.


ww2-300x169 The Top Comics for 2020: Silver Age KeysBottom line? Any of these books is a solid purchase now. We have at least two movies that will impact sales. Add in the catalyst of not one but two actors being chosen to play major superheroes, and if the economy can ricochet back “in the black” in 2021. Perhaps going to the movies will feel safe and start again.

We owe a great deal to men like Stan Lee and others who defended democracy during WWII. But the reverence doesn’t end there, as we also appreciate their commitment to the artistic growth of comics. I believe it is safe to buy any of these books at market price and hold them. You don’t need the “Power Cosmic” to see the writing on the wall. With Fantastic Four Silver Age you simply “buy and hold!”

Two price guides for one premium membership? Wow! 

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